Abolition of the titles Rt Honourable and Honourable

In light of recent and not so recent gerrymandering by members of the House of Commons and House of Lords I believe that the titles Honourable and Rt Honourable should be if not abolished at least suspended.
These titles should be withheld until such time as a member has proven he/she is working for their constituents instead of accruing the maximum permissible amount of cash in allowances and expenses. :pukel: :toilet:
Slim, you know as well as I that any attempt by a member of the proletariat to interfere in a politicians rosy little world will come to naught.

They get stuck in the Westminster village and then, on the rare occasion they peer out, wonder why they are despised by Joe and Joanne Public.
HONOURABLE ? The last man to enter the Houses of Westminster with honourable intentions was bleeding Guy Fawkes. There isn't an ounce of honour in the whole place - term should be consigned to the rubbish bin of history - Mister's good enough for anyone else, so should it be for them.
thingy said:
Oh dear, some confusion here.

MPs are, as a matter of historic courtesy referred to an Honourable but unlike their counterparts in the States and Eire, do not actually have this title. The title of Right Honourable is conferred by the Queen. Those upon whom this honour is conferred are appointed to the Privy Council.

More information below:
I realise that the title is a courtesy one, however due to the extremely low standards exhibited by members of both houses the time has come for the titles to be discontinues. :toilet:
there's only one way I'd respect MP's. Make them give up all outside employment,start the day at 9am and work till 5pm.End of story ,we pay them to be there and work for us and also in their elected areas so how come some still practise law,still work as bankers,doctors and God knows what else?
I'm not talking about on the boards of certain companies[although that is another matter of dispute] I'm talking about still persuing careers outside of the Commons whilst working as MP's.
No wonder the chamber is mostly empty.
Make the job full time with no outside employment then I'll respect some of them[if they stop legging over staff!]
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