Able Seaman William George Wallis - HMS EDINBURGH 1942

Discussion in 'History' started by BillyNoMates, Jan 21, 2016.

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  1. Evening all,

    I'm currently striving to collect information on AB W.G.WALLIS RN DJ 107195. He served on board HMS EDINBURGH during WW II when the ship was on Russian Convoy duties and was, I believe on board when the ship was transporting a shed load of Russian gold bullion back to the UK when it was sunk in 1942. AB WALLIS (my wife's grandfather) also saved the lives of two fellow crew members and was subsequently awarded the D.S.M.
    Survivors of HMS EDINBURGH were billeted in MURMANSK(?), awaiting "repatriation" to the UK and after some weeks/months - ten naval ratings were detailed off to join an RN vessel for subsequent passage to the UK via Scotland. AB WALLIS - not being one of them, decided to schlepp along with the ten and stowed himself away on the ship (in a lifeboat apparently), and made it back to Scotland. This was/is the only known occurrence of a RN rating from a sunken ship, "stowing away" and another RN ship in order to get back home......the vessel he sneaked back to Blighty on was HMS MARTIN.





    I've extracted information from the book *Last call for HMS EDINBURGH* by Frank Pearce and have now come up against brick walls so-to-speak, despite having signed up at a load of ancestry-service records-war records web sites. Anyone have any other information on EDINBURGH, the convoy, HMS MARTIN and hopefully WolfPackLeaders Grandad who by the time he was awarded the D.S.M. was a Petty Officer. His official number shows up in two ways (1). P/J 107195 and (2). D/J 107195 and I have managed to locate the entry in the London Gazette (25 August 1942) citing his award of the D.S.M. WolfPackLeader wants to sight the medal and she knows that it may, repeat,may be somewhere in the Royal Navy Museum in Portsmouth, which will be my next line of enquiry.
    That's all I got - which 'aint a bad start but any other advice on further research would be gratefully appreciated.


    Gold from the deep.

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  2. Hi Billy, did tons of research on HMS Dragonfly, the best info I had came from National Archives, but it costs, copy's of actual sigs from just after loss of ship.
  3. Shilts,

    Good evening,

    I've been doing a shed-load of research and digging and have come up with
    a fair bit of info - including a copy of his SC's which detail his award of the
    D.S.M. (His D.O. wrote "D.S.M." in pencil after his name at the top of the
    SC's....which was nice of him!).
    Got images of every vessel he served on and it would appear that he did
    a load of time out the far east (HK). One draft was this thing (circa 1927-28?)



    WolfPackLeader has offered me some brownie points for parting with
    cash for copies of various documents and such like - and I'm hoping
    that his D.S.M. is somewhere down Portsmouth way, so she can actually
    see it for herself. He had a heck of a life in the RN and getting the D.S.M.
    for saving lives at sea is something to be rightly proud of.

  4. Hello, you both must be very proud of him, have some luck with DSM, did not give them easy, Sicala looks like river gun boat, before Dragonfly class, now I will have to do a bit more research, cheers.
  5. All this research stops me hunting for ladies to put in the "Appreciation" thread.

    Hang on - no it doesn't.

    Oh well, back to the grind.

  6. What was the reaction of the great and the good to His stowing away Billy?
  7. Currently reading up on that. Purchased the book *Last call for HMS EDINBURGH"
    recently. Almost had a coronary when WolfPackLeader said she wanted a copy after
    checking finding out that one dealer on Amazon wanted £232.02 + £2.80 UK delivery
    for it.


    A second hand version cost somewhat less, thank the Lord. (£9.89 + p&p)
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