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Should we make Advancements up to individual Co's?

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Why do current Able Cadets (Like myself....) have to wait 6 months for a pre-advancement course covering Drill and Peer Educator? Have to cover Basic Peer Educator, which has more paperwork than a library. Why do they have to be expected to travel 100's of miles to a course that lasts 3 days, when they are in their pinnacle of studies and at such an important stage of their lives?

Here is an idea from my cadets and myself:

Why can't Commanding Officers and Divisional Staff be in charge of 'who' gets promoted like cadets, Cadets 1st Class, Oc's etc. At the end of the day, it is them that know the cadets and their capabilities, not some Drillie from Edinburgh. I understand WHY they do the advancement board, so they can choose the best of the best but i am from Campbeltown, it is really difficult to be accepted on these courses due to distance, and other commitments.

What really annoys me is when we are forgotten about, the HQ hardly recognise us, they don't really care about our unit. Take this; the Captain of the Sea Cadet Corps rightly visited Highland District: Oban, Lochaber, Inverness etc. Did he come to Campbeltown....... No. That isn't his fault, but people forget we exist. Out of sight out of mind.

So i am suggesting we make the powers of Advancement down to Individual Units, because if the system continues the way it does, i have no hope of reaching Leading Cadet any time soon.

I have lost all hope in the system and want the management to feel my frustration. And i hope something changes because we in Campbeltown are losing hope and volunteers. So thanks for reading this far and answer this question.
I am not a cadet, so this is just my opinion.

I would suggest that whilst your unit staff are able to recommend who gets promotion, it is up to external authorities that those recommended are suitable/able/capable/worthy of promotion to ensure independant suitability. If it's just down to the units, you will end up risking having a system where the OCs of the units promote their favourites whilst others perhaps equally eligible will be overlooked. It should be down to an external source to ensure that there is no nepotism or favouritism etc.

Perhaps we could take from this something - if, for example there were three persons recommended for promotion who were required to travel a great distance for the board/interview etc, then maybe consideration could be given over for one board member to travel to the unit, thus saving travel costs. On the other hand, those recommended for promotion and keen to get promotion will surely travel to the ends of the earth if they desire it so much. It's a bit of a fine balance imo. But it might be worth suggesting something through the proper channels.

With regards to the other issue, the programmes of those senior persons are generally not produced by themselves but by others who are subject to various external influences which us mere mortals have no visibility of. I for one do not believe that the person in question 'forgot' or 'intended to forget' about you or any other unit that was not visited. Frustrating, yes, of course. We often desire a visit from that high profile person but sometimes life is literally not fair, and they cannot do everything. You wont have been the only unit who feels left out. Only the other week the heir to throne was just a short distance from me on a visit, but even though I wasnt on his visit list after very nearly 40 years service, I don't feel aggrieved or frustrated because I know that his diary is far more important and fuller than mine. It also saved me having to polish my shoes!

I have been to Cambeltown, and it is out of the way slightly, an it is no doubt a great shame that it wasn't on the route. But during the most recent visit to Plymouth, it would appear that the Queen's eldest son visited the new incinerator but couldnt' squeeze in a visit to any cadet unit here, of any of the forces, as far as I can tell.

There will be positives, you just have to look a bit harder for them sometimes... :)
Unfortunately this is just the way things are. I am a serving sailor in the RN based in Scotland, but I'm also a CI in the North West division of the SCC. For a one day course I had to drive to North Wales to do my adult induction. If I want to do my drillie's course next year, I'll have to travel to Portsmouth, just to be trained on how to do parade drill that as a serving sailor I already know how to do. Even as adult staff it doesn't get any easier, but it's worth the time and effort in the end. For you another reason these courses are held outside of unit may be because your CO or 1Lt doesn't have the necessary qualifications to actually be allowed to rate you up to the required rate themselves, so staff from another unit with the required quals are needed.

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Can't really get excited about this. Perhaps another voting button. "Is this a pointless poll".
You do realise this is in the correct forum for this type of discussion, yes? So more a case of "this is a pointless response".

If you are not SCC or ex-SCC, then perhaps your time would be better utilised elsewhere and you can leave this to those of us who are actually interested in the cadet forces.

For the OP, I agree with northern-matelot. Unfortunately the system is designed for the majority and it struggles with the concept of "remote". Unfortunately for you, Northern Area is massive geographically and Highland District takes up a significant part of area whilst having the smallest population. Access to centralised courses is difficult and the experiment with making regional training locations was erratic to my knowledge, although I have been out for over a year now so lost touch a bit.

The only reassurance I can give you is that it is the same process for all. Cold comfort maybe, but it is what it is and we just have to work with it. You need to discuss this with your CO and ask them to discuss it with your ADO. If you knew of any senior cadets from your own or other closer Units, you could have had them bring this up at their annual conference last week.

In the meantime, look at your personal schedule, your obligations, the training opportunities for the courses you need and try to work it out accordingly. It isn't going to change soon, even if you do get your message heard. Adapt and overcome.
Really don't know why your so upset about it Im going for my LC and have to travel nearly the entire length of Scotland to get to Rosyth for two different weekends
Know what the OP means, we were the most northern southern area unit, our closest unit by far was in eastern area but 90% of any important area courses or competitions were all the way down in Portsmouth or similar.

Didn't help that we were the RMC detachment and the 1lt couldn't give a s*** about us most of the time so getting tickets for transport subsidised was like blood from a stone.


As it happens yes I am joining the RFA. Look at when this forum Poll was initiated. This poll was made to start a 'discussion' about this in general. It wasn't meant to make personal remarks regarding myself.

Best of luck and I hope your advancement goes well. Also what's your name and unit?


Mod edit and warning; don't post names or demands that names are revealed.
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Best of luck and I hope your advancement goes well. Also what's your name and unit?
Gents, a reminder -

While the SCC do not deploy (yet - this will depend on how big the RN is in 10 years time . . .) you must still observe the rules regarding personal security. This question is not appropriate. You should talk only in general terms in the open forums. There is the PM function you can use but again, be wary of unsolicited approaches for information and remember - not everyone on t'internet is who they seem.

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