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Able Cadet Advancement


Hello all,

I am an able cadet going for my Leading Cadet (Leading Hand). I was wondering if there are any helpful tips to help me along my journey.
My Sea Cadet unit is hoping to advance me to Leading Cadet by March which means me going to an Advancement Board. I am very worried that I may not pass this board but am going to strive to success. Is there anything that may catch me out in my Advancement Board, is there any information I should know before hand?



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It's been a while now since I transferred from SCC to ACF, but as an ex-CO of a Unit I would have this to say. Your Unit is responsible for training you and preparing you for advancement. There is a defined process to be followed and much of this is available to you to look at and revise. Your UTO should be able to give you some guidance but your best source of info is other LCs and POCs who have been through it. Some information may be contradictory - ignore it. Any advice that is repeated is probably worth paying attention to.

No self-respecting Board is looking to catch anyone out - but for Leading Cadet it is not just the knowledge of the various subjects you need but to actively demonstrate the ability to lead. Leadership by example is important - your self-discipline is expected to be of a high standard. Your ability to mix with others, to assess their strengths and weaknesses and then to apply them to the tasks allocated is going to be judged. Most critical though - this is NOT a competition. You are demonstrating YOUR ability to be a LC, not to show up others. Be confident in your own capability, gen up on any subjects you are not so strong in and most of all - keep calm. If you make a mistake, so be it. Done now, no point in worrying about it, move on to the next thing. Your ability to bounce back from set-backs will say much about you as well. Learn from it but don't dwell on it. Approach every task with determination and confidence but don't be arrogant or show-offy. And team player always goes down well so coursemanship is good - help others to achieve and you are demonstrating leadership right there. At then end of the day, the Board is looking for every candidate to successfully achieve the rating. Prove them right.

Most of your past record will already prove you are right to be there - now you just show why you should have that anchor on your shoulder.

Good luck.


Thank you very much for responding to my post. I am adamant on reaching my goal of Leading Cadet and hoping to achieve P.O.C in 2021. I will be the first L.C in 5 years in my unit, if I succeed in my L.C board.

I have spent 5.5 years at the SCC and I have achieved a BTEC in both teamwork and leadership. I also have a basic Peer Educator. Will these benefit me in my L.C board?



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Yes, they will, but your performance on the weekend will reinforce these. Be yourself and do not try too hard - they want to see you, not a Hollywood version of you.

Remember in Peer Educator (IM for those of us old enough to remember it) - try to avoid too much tech and make any presentation as hands-on as you can. Have a back up in case what you planned to have is unavailable or fails during use.

Good luck.
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