Abdale and others Re-trial British Nuclear Test Veterans

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Billy Q, May 6, 2016.

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  1. The MOD has been ordered by the High Court to defend its gross mishandling of a previous First Tier Tribunal decision which found in favour of the MOD who used their own specialists, but refused to allow evidence by the Veterans' specialists.
    It is to be re-tried in June 2016 but MOD is unwilling to reveal the date or venue. Essential for those veterans travelling from overseas or, more importantly the Nuclear Scientists giving their time and knowledge free of charge to the veterans . They will, no doubt select London. Loads of free MOD accommodation for the MOD Witnesses but nothing affordable for Veteran's advisors.
    What this means is the MOD will have their paid for specialists on call, but the British Nuclear Test Veterans will be denied sufficient time to aggregate their volunteer specialists to attend.
    Following on from their expensive failed defence of the Porton Down Common Cold Trials and an equally expensive defence of the Asbestos debacle--until a Commodore suffered from it where they again lost an obscene amount of cash----- being paid to top London Chambers.
    There is a vast army of MOD uniformed and civilian Barristers and Solicitors- who are clearly not up to it-- so it is their relatives and friends from the Metropolitan's elite expensive Law Chambers who get to deal with it at Taxpayers expense.
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  2. Time for a leak of info from within M.O.D. Anyone got a tame mole?
  3. It has just been announced the Case --MOD Vs. British Nuclear Test Veterans--is to be heard on June 21 2016 at The Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London WC2A 2LL Telephone 020 7947 6000
  4. Latest from " Fissioline"

    THERE has been a fan-tastic response to our appeal for funds to help those attending the Ion-ising Radiation Appeal Court in London on June 13.

    Kind-hearted fissionline readers have dug deep into their pockets to help in the landmark court case which could mean war pensions for hun-dreds of nuclear veter-ans and their families.

    We are supporting pro-fessor Chris Busby and the Royal British Legion who are representing 10 nuclear veterans. Cash is needed to help with hotel costs, travel and other essentials for wit-nesses and others who wish to attend. Victory would deal a devastating blow to the Ministry of Defence which has spent millions defending the claims.

    The hearings, scheduled to start on June 13 in London, will last two weeks. The venue has been moved to the Royal Courts of Justice, em-phasising the impor-tance of the court case.

    PAGE 7



    FL: We wanted to ask you about the BBC programme where you walk near Fukushima and say there is no danger…"

    THOMAS: I know what you are going to say…Yes I got the dose wrong and I have admitted that as well, the dose is 2 microsieverts per hour which works out at 20 millisieverts per year. But actually no-one would ever get that amount of radiation and even if they did, the health effects are still negligible. Even at 20 mil-lisieverts. There is a huge amount

    of literature on this. Once you get below a hundred milliseiverts it’s actually very difficult to prove that there is a real effect on cancer incidents. I am hopeful that when a research paper by the Oxford Group comes out it will be a lot easier for people to understand. There are some very poor papers out there which are the ones that tend to be picked up by journalists like you, because they tend to be quite sensational in terms of what they state. But actually if you look at all the data you can see that 100 millisieverts is negligible.

    Q. But isn’t this the limit that nuclear workers get…?

    A. Yes, but this is 100 millisieverts per year.

    Q. Yes But nuclear workers are a special group of people and presumably they have this level because above those levels of radiation it would be dangerous.

    A. No. No. No. This is where people misunderstand. We are very cautious about where…in medicine for example we use doses of 50 sieverts for breast cancer…fractionated because we know that if you give it all at one time-point the patient is not going to survive. In medicine we use much, much more higher doses…it doesn’t kill patients" (Cont p 8)

    Our revelations about Professor Gerry Thomas (seen below walking near Fukushima)) who was secretly hired by the Ministry of Defence to give evidence against Britain’s nuclear veterans at next months ionising radiation appeal tribunal outraged scientists from all over the world. World renowned physicist Prof Sebastian Pflugbeil, President of the Society for Radiation Protection, and British Physicist Keith Baverstock were so furious about Prof Thomas’s outlandish views they demanded to see our full interview.

    Interview Prof Geraldine Thomas, Imperial College London, and fissionline Editor
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