abbreviated daily orders

Can anyone help me, i have never been the brightest of matelots and i was wondering when they abbreviate daily orders what does it all mean.

a bloke i work with gave me this one ...........

hthscausdahhoorotdcotudrfchwb(4's)wfwjab........last bit could be job..

please help a fat old matelot..



Sounds like an entering/leaving harbour pipe:
Hands to Harbour Stations
Close all upper deck screen doors and hatches
Hands out of the rig of the day clear off the upper deck
Rig for [entering/leaving] harbour will be 4s with foul weather jackets and berets.

Why they don't just put HTHS on Daily Dits is beyond me, as technically:
- HTHS is repeated, therefore should read HTHSHTHS
- No damage control state is given

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