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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Jimpy, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. According to the Herrick order of battle 3 Commando Briagde are deploying out on Herrick 14 in April 2011. As such, (from what I'm aware via a commander at Raleigh on my NE course) half the personnel out by will be RN.

    Can any one let me know if a precedent has been set in previous deployments, that AB2s will be required as gash hands to fill roles like doing driving jobs etc.

    My intention was to be at trained strength within a year/year and a half of joining and to volunteer for a deployment. However, my ICP wasnt supported for the amount of days I wanted to do and was available to do, and as such looks like at least another 2.5 years to trained strength. Come April 2011 I would expect to be half way/just over half way through training.
    As such, with ref to subject I looking to get out by and do something before returning to complete my training.

    If this is operationally sensitive, please bump.

    Or am I on to plums? :lol:
  2. AB2s can (occasionally) be mobilised to conduct Pre-Joining Training, but MUST be AB1s by the time they deploy (and deployment means to the deploying unit, not to the deployed area, so if you were hoping to be deployed with the Brigade, even though they were still in Guz, you'd have to be an AB1 before you join them)

    This info should be avilable through your Div System, as you then have an audit trail, as stating "I was told on Rum ration" won't give you much to go on!

    Good Luck

  3. SO2 thanks for the reply which puts to bed my idea. By next April I will still have at, best just got training to OPS standard still to go, at worst two weeks Spec and OPs still to go.

    Hope this isnt me in the future with the kids!!!! :wink:
  4. do they deploy apr11? , any idea the date for mobilising?
  5. Hopefully this God awful conflict will be over by then for UK forces.
  6. That's quite a lot of info on Wikipedia about future HERRICK deployments. I suppose it is all public domain but I'm a bit surprised!
  7. So was I Doc when I found it, thats why I suspect this post hasnt been bumped off??? 8O
  8. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    It's all culled from what the MoD press office and the House of Commons publish. I do agree its a bit much.
  9. But what does it really tell anyone? That a Bde+ will be deploying? The Capbadge has very little bearing on TTPs, and I'd argue the personality of the Brigadier (actual) probably has more effect that the precise force composition.

    More importantly, we need to get on there and reflect the amount of work being done by the RNAS!
  10. There might be the odd bootneck that might disagree...
  11. Really? Deep down, for all the Commando Ethos, they are trained in the same way, to the same PAMs, with (generally) the same equipment. Your argument might hold more water if this was an amphib job, but the TTPs are evolving in-theatre, and I can assure 3X will be learning from the guys who are there now, just as they learned from 3X previously.
  12. It's one thing to learn from those in theatre and yes the PAMs but the average level of individual soldiering is higher in the Corps than the Army as is the quality of leadership. This view is the view of a lad I know very well in 2 RIFLES with a huge loyalty to his cap badge who survived (I chose this word carefully) their recent tour; I have no reason to disbelieve him.
  13. Interestingly, I've just come from a course with a preponderance of bootnecks, and one Sgt said he was impressed at quite how professional Percy was. He said the Corp might have one or two things to learn from them...

    Perhaps deep down, everybody has got something to learn from somebody; Royal, Jack or Percy!
  14. Totally agree on that one, never stop learning... The point this lad was making was that the average level of competence was higher in the Corps and that that has a significant impact on what is achieved and how. There's no doubt there are many outstanding soldiers in the Army, and who am I to pass comment anyway!
  15. not wishing to create "problems" however, regarding mobilisation to support on going ops; are units actively passing on requests for augmentees to the masses? just curious as it all seems to have gone quiet in recent months/years. anyone know differently? :idea:

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