AB Peter Smith.

It is with regret I am reporting the death of my friend Peter Smith. Late of HMS Sheffield, (The Cruiser) And the Aircraft Carrier HMS Perseus. Peter crossed the bar last Sunday,24th April after a brave fight with His illness. Peter was originally from Lancashire, but had lived in His beloved Greencastle,Co Donegal for 30+ Years. His dits were many, and always entertaining.(He was on Sheffield when 'Sink the Bismark' was being filmed) Condolences to His wife Gladys, and His many friends in the Greencastle Maritime Museum, (Of which He was a pillar) and the Shanty Bar (which we occasionally frequented for a tot). And the wider area. RIP my friend.Peter at reception.jpg .
Hi Sarking,

I am dearly sorry for your loss.
I have a missing Grand Uncle named Peter Smith, and his sister, my grandmother is still with us today and doing great. She mentioned he had been on the HMS Perseus. But that he was on submarines from Portsmouth. Most notably he was on the HMS Trident with Commander Geoffrey Sladen when he brought back the two reindeer but only one survived.

Would you know who to contact him and.. if in fact the peter smith you are talking about is him?
The last we heard of him was 1950s when he sent a letter saying he was putting his boat away.

Thank you kindly and sorry for your loss,
Fraser Burch


War Hero
RIP, condolences for the loss of your friend. It sounds like he was one of life's characters. Sad loss for you my friend.
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