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Hi to anyone in the know...
I am currently on a joint services course and there is a young RN girl on course with me (Sgt, Army).
She is an AB, her trade is SE and she has served for approx 3 years.
On her pay statement, it shows her pay band as being "3 of 3 (B)".

1. What does "(B)" mean?
2. Shouldn't her level read 3 of 7?
3. The long question - our course finishes in March / April (TBC) of next year. She is expecting to come off the board this year and possibly be promoted to Killick (sorry if I've screwed up any of your terms!). If she deploys directly after the course, which is the aim of the course, what happens about promotional courses? There is unlikely going to be time available between the end of course and deployment. Can she still be promoted and have her time to do the required courses extended?

I'm trying my hardest to help her out with as much info as possible, but our admin team here don't know as they mainly deal with Army and she is quite worried about her career.

R* (from ARRSE)
At certain increment levels (IL), there are qualifying points (QP), which you need to progress to the next IL. This will usually be OPS or something like that. All QPs are in JSP 754. From what you say in your post, it would suggest to me that she is not qualified (on JPA at least) for the next IL. If she thinks she is qualified she will need present proof (task book) to her HR Admin and get the Competence recorded on JPA. An iSupport to JPAC will confirm if this is the case.

On your second point, if she has not gone up an IL due to not being qualified, then it is highly likely she will not be qualified for promotion, in which case she will not even be presented to the board, and therefore not selected for promotion.

Hope this helps. If you need anymore information, pm me.
'Show your Course mate your pay staement' Course2/09.
I quote from the DNI "This course will enable the attendee to enlighten others to their rate of pay by brazenly displaying their pay statements in the mess, leaving open their JPA account or distributing information of this nature in a slapdash manner. Attendees will be awarded a badge and certificate at EndEx." 8O :wink:
Indeed there are 9 increment levels. Her statement shows 3 of 3, which is confusing.

She claims to be qualified in her trade, but not for promotion. Shouldn't stop an increment level increase though. JPAC on the case now.

Hardy har har....!
Rockstar said:

She claims to be qualified in her trade, but not for promotion. Shouldn't stop an increment level increase though. JPAC on the case now.
As I explained in my original post, if the Competence was not record on JPA this would stop her increment level as JPA would show her not being qualified for at the next Qualifying Point.
TAS, you seem to be right. None of her trade course had their competencies recorded on JPA.
Many thanks for the replies!
Back to ARRSE for me.....
Hello again - next question!

Should an AB on completion of SE trade training receive an increment increase?

If so, is this written down anywhere?

Cheers again!


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