hey, im currently in phase 1 training at the moment, with 8 weeks to go. after completing this i am going to become a CMT, anyway i am wanting to do the AACC. and i was wondering if somebody could give me some sort of idea of what level my fitness needs to be at, and a real inside to what course consists of.
Fitness will need to be a lot higher than RN recruit standards.
You may have to wait for your chance to get on a course, once you have completed your basic training, as I'm sure your future bosses will want to gauge your suitability before putting your name forward.
My advice would be concentrate on fininshing your basic and trade training, maintaining and builiding up your fitness, and then make your interest known.
Good luck with the rest of your training.
Wot the hell is a CMT or am i being stupid?

Dont hold your breath to get on AACC. To get on it you probably need a draft to the brigade. And even then its not guarenteed they are going to spare you for the 10 weeks or what ever it is.
Im in the brigade and it is very doubtful i will get the opertunity to go.


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Welcome to the Senior Service unofficial website!

Assuming you are an Army Combat Medical Tech (?)

Then you are probably best advised to visit the Royal Marines website, fitness programme and work forward from the minimum standard for entry into the Corps as a Recruit.

Doubtless your fitness standard will be at a reasonable level, however you need to aim to be at Week 20 Commando Recruit Training fitness, which is considerably higher than the entry level.

As a rough guage, the minimum enty level to START Recruit Training, you need to be confidently completing 40-60 close-arm press-ups in two minutes, 60-80 (knees together) Sit-ups in 2 mins & 6 back handed, thumbs out pull-ups. Prior to doing that you should be able to run a 3 mile run in under 22 mins 30 secs & complete the bleep test (VO2 max) well over level 10.5.

It is stressed this is the entry level, you will need to be well in advance of that to successfully undergo AACC.

It may have been easier joining as a Commando recruit, then becoming a medical assistant within the corps.

Good luck.
ninja, thankyou for your beneficial post

to become a commando recruit, then a medical assistant, do i require GCSE'S? being that i have none this would not be possible


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You do not require GCSE's for Royal Marines Medical Assistant, but you need to intially pass the RN Recruiting Test.

Generally a Royal Marine would spend 2 years General Duty (GD) before specialising, however the Medics usually come from the RN Medical Assistants who need to be All-Arms (AACC) trained). There is a shortage of RN Medics AACC trained, so the RM seek volunteers to specialise as medics- it is possible you could sub-specialise before the two yours as GD.

The score required would be similar to that required for the Army Combat Med Tech, although it's a different test.
well, i dont intend to change over to RN MA, but as a CMT being there is a shortage of AACC trained CMT for me to get onto a course do you think i stand a high chance of getting on it pretty quickly.


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To be honest, it's an Army issue rather than RM, but as 1 Rifles at Chepstow are now part of 3 Commando Brigade they will routinely bring their own Level 2/3 first-aiders, supported by RAMC Med Techs.

Currently, 1 Rifles are not Commando trained & therefore arguably do not need AACC medics yet. However, in the event 1 Rifles earn their Commando dagger by completing either AACC or similar, then logic would suggest the CMT's would do likewise. The possibility also exists that AACC trained CMT's could be actively deployed with frontline Commando units in a similar way to the elements of the Royal Engineers & Royal Artillery who are Commando trained. It's certainly worth raising the question after CMT training to see if you may volunteer, but it's at the discretion of your individual Army unit & depends where you are posted.

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