currently in phase 2 for marine engineer, transferred over from the Army... just wondering if anyone had any advice on the chances of getting on the all arms commando course and which route to push for if possible?


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Put in for a draft with one of the RM Assault Squadrons as Landing Craft or outboard maintainer. Not a guarantee by any means but any clanky draft within 3 Cdo Bde is more likely to enable AACC simply because they are more likely to spare you for 9 weeks and it is vaguelly relevant to the job in hand.

Other option is to go for UKSF selection. RN Ratings must undergo AACC as a precursor to undergoing selection.

The only assured route to a green beret is by transfering to the Royal Marines, all other routes have to be required rather than desired.


Thank you for the advice Preferences are going in soon I think so il push for that, doubt il get it on a first draft... if not il go for it on my second!!

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