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Discussion in 'RMR' started by oldcolt, Jul 20, 2009.

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  1. I'm hoping to do this course in the new year via my unit (Rifles). As an old(ish) fecker, whose determined to pass the course (I've been training hard for around a year or so now) I would be interested to know:
    a) If the course dates for next year are available (my unit hasn't got them yet) and
    b) How old is the oldest serving reserve person to pass the course (excluding the 55 year old journo') purely for idle curiosity/ boasting rights :oops: :D
    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Oldest i know of was J.C who was 32 at the time!!!
  3. IF and I repeat IF, I pass, I can beat that by some considerable margin! Any advance on 32? (plus the dates if available) :)
  4. This isn't meant to sound disrespectful but;

    A. Are bragging rights the correct attitude to adopt when there are so few places available??
    B. I'm surprised they are allowing you to do the course at the age your at.
    C. Why are they now allowing the T.A Rifles to do the course when i'm guessing there are T.A Commando Units (131/289) who probably need the alloted places??
    D. Good luck with it, i'm assuming its a London based unit you belong to???
  5. No disrespect taken or meant:
    a) Bragging rights is purely an age (not a course) thing/ general interest, I missed out on joining 'them' earlier in my TA career and have always pushed myself as an infanteer. If I pass the course qualification will be used for what it was meant to be used for. To allow me to deploy as a useful, skilled soldier.
    b&c) The course is open to anyone in the TA but members of my regiment are encouraged to take the course becuase of the 1 Rifles now forming part of 3 commando Brigade and we often deploy with them.
    d) Nope, West Country (which kind of gives it away really!) :roll: :wink:
  6. Good luck with it. I did my course in 1992 aged 19 (youngest in CDO Coy) and will be happy to provide you with some training advice although i don't think you need it to be honest!!

  7. I also did it in 92. Our troop Sgt was a USMC GySgt who apparently cracked his AACC at the age of 47. Not bad.

    Come to think of it, I was also 19. Spooky.
  8. Had a USMC Maj (name escapes me) who completed his course in the Troop before me. Most of that troop went SB shortly afterwards!!

    Very spooky!!!
  9. Question: SB? forgive my ignorance :oops:
  10. Bootneck slang for SBS.
  11. Genius!!!

  12. I thought you were already there mate!!! :D :wink:
  13. Ah H.R. Those throbbers that were supposed to ring me 8 weeks ago reference my leaving the job and telling them where to stick it!!!
  14. I always found the conflict resolution courses the best.......always back away from the violent patient and run away. Its a bit difficult in a moving ambulance when he's coming at you so i always found a whack in the frank zappas with the barrel bag and sit on him approach to work the best. Allegedly!!

    Failing that wind them up so they get arrested by les feds!! :D
  15. To revert back to topic - if thats ok
    i have seen a number of posts recently both on arrse and rumration regarding non RMR reservists attending RFCC ( Reserve Forces Cdo Cse )
    my question is to those persons who wish to attend this course
    1. What preparation have you done ?
    2. who confirms you have met the standards required to at least attempt the course ?
    my point being RFCC is not a TEACH course but the culmination of a years plus intensive training by RMR recruits during which they are tested over the two week period.
    the main stumbling block for passing the course is bottom field / rope work which all RMR recruits practice intensly at Detachmnet level.
    a lot of the rope work is technique and practice , so how are all you aspiring green berets preparing for this ?
    this is in no way intended to deter non RMR ranks from attempting RFCC but its not just a case of "IM MEGA FIT SO FANCY A CRACK" there is a lot more to it - as those that have been there will know
    l look forward to any replies !! and stand by for any reasoned criticism
  16. Back on topic as requested. I think that was partly the point i was trying to make to oldcolt as i vaguely remember lots of RFCC (T.A) having a crack at it whilst i was going through Phase 2 and really not being up to the required standard by a very long way!!

    I think the best thing aspiring T.A commandos should do is attend an RMR unit and phys sessions to give them access to ropes and the standard of phys that is required!!
  17. Thanks for the replies/ advice (&inside civvie job information) to date. I take on board (excuse the pun) about technique which is why I said about still needing help.

    Balls on the table time:
    I'm 42
    Can do a 2.4 KM in 9 mins 24 in trainers and improving weekly on this
    7K in boots with 35 Lb pack (hilly coastal path) in 58 mins
    5K in 24mins 49 secs boot run undulating road route (aim to improve on this also)
    I can do the required number of sit ups and I am one heave short of the required minimum at present but, expect to be comfortably over by the time the course comes up.
    There are NO places where I can practice rope work nearby and my nearest RMR centre is 1.5hours away. I can put up my own rope at my brothers house and hope to do this soon. ANY advice would be helpful at this point guys! :D

    PS the 'Them' comment earlier needs clearing up: I did NOT join but was passed as fit enough by my then Adjutant who was ex 'Them'. I then took the decision NOT to apply for selection based on family commitments at the time.
  18. Hi Colt.

    It seems to me that there is no shortage of commitment on your part but the concerns of others reference the bottom field tests is warranted. There is no substitute for practice as far as the ropes/regains are concerned and you can run with weight as much as you like but its a no brainer if there is nobody around to demonstrate the correct techniques needed.

    Might i suggest you ring your local unit and ask if you can run through some stuff with a PTI or trained rank/recruit etc so that you are at least being steered in the right direction.


  19. Will do! I also know a local guy whose just coming out of the Marines (regulars) who lives in Penzance so I will ask him if he can help too
  20. PM me if you need any further advice. i'll be happy to help if i can.

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