Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. My proper age (45)?

  2. My mental age (50)?

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  3. How old I look (21/70... take your pick)?

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  4. How many years till retirement (15)?

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  1. Bloody hell, I'm 45 today. Only 5 years to go before I'm eligible to become a Saga member...... :biggrin:
  2. You cheeky young pup!
    I was 61 last week!

    Never mind, at least we've still got a pulse.
  3. Thingy don,t feel bad. Saga great car ins £160 for my Terrano. :dwarf:
  4. Happy Birthday Steve

    :eek:ccasion4: :eek:ccasion1: :eek:ccasion7: :eek:ccasion9:

    Hope you have a few :eek:ccasion5: at the Palace ??

    I reach 3 score and one next week !! .... where does the time go.... :scratch:
  5. I tries this mob - and they were pherkin expensive (they probably think all over 50s are rich .. !!)
    CSMA (Frizzell) are more amenable to a deal - but depends on your jalopy ......
  6. Happy Birthday Steve, hope its a good one mate :)
  7. Happy birthday Steve and I hope you have had a large portion of Navy Cake to celebrate. :)
  8. Happy birthday youngster.
  9. Happy birthday ol' bean :thumright:
  10. Happy Birthday Steve, it's only a number after all (I shall be the same number next month)...... :thumbright:
  11. Happy Birthday Steve

    Don't worry about Saga until the day before your 50th!!! Fcukin Saga, used to be a postie and hated it when a load of their stuff used to come through, bloody stuff weighed a ton!!! Grrrrr!

  12. Happy Birthday. As far as the question is concerned - age is only a state of mind brought on by thinking too much.

    Chill mate. You ain't old.

  13. Must be the old grey cells, but I've just remembered it's my sister's b'day today also ....!!
    Must get a card off quick (blame the postie delays :lol: ) and an even quicker telecall tonite !!

    So you're an Aries the Ram too ?? ;)
  14. And born on 8 April....that's luck itself, so cheer up. If you're healthy and have enough to eat today, all the rest is gravy. 45 is no age ....and I bet you know far more today than you did on your 25th.....that's knowledge hard-earned......and you have a GSOH, that counts, so enjoy. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Happy birthday Steve
  16. Hippo, birdie and 2 female sheep :dwarf:
  17. Happy Birthday from me and Blobs sends his love (Biiiig Lurrrvvve)
  18. Sorry Thingy, I forgot my manners and forgot to wish you happy birthday in my previous post.

    I hope you had a good one. :thumright:
  19. Thanks all. Lovely birthday and a pleasant light headed evening fuelled by Sancerre rather than beer! :biggrin: I see the majority have decided I should pretend I'm 15 again.... so could someone send me information and an application form to join the Andrew. I should like to point out that despite my current qualification I am not interested in applying to be an Ossifer or Reggie! ^_^;

    Can I have my hair back someone? ;)

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