AA WESM/MESM Admiralty Board??

I was wondering if anyone would be able to help, basically I passed the interview last week but was told I need to wait for the admiralty board to make the final decision. Any Ideas how long this will take? I’m hopefully going in as a WESM through the accelerated apprenticeship scheme (Not UGAS)


@1234QWERTY, There is no Admiralty board for AA. There is, however, a final selection board, which is conducted by the Specialist Engineering Team within CNR. They look at all the applicants (a paperwork exercise) from across the Country before making the final decision on who is offered a place to join as an AA. Selection board date to be confirmed but normally takes place during August.

If you have any questions please feel free to DM me.
@1234QWERTY ^Chances are v. low to almost impossible:

1. Nina rarely visits these days (shifted away from Recruiting role over 18 months ago) Best of Luck though.
2. His PM box here regularly over flowed so it became 'sealed' or at least inaccessible to the average RR Punter.
3. Medical you say? He might put his neck out to offer an opinion but he'd always point you towards your own AFCO . Besides being an UNOFFICIAL Website neither he nor anyone at RR is qualified to provide Medical Advice.
4. But If there is a medical issue you are seeking to challenge then try searching for APPEAL, it's been a well-trodden path at RR so if you look hard enough you'll find it.

5. Looking back at post #3 above - Have you thought about taking @perrym up on his offer of 'any questions' then please feel free to contact him ?'

Don't answer but strikes me as rather odd that such an inquiry should surface at 10.21pm after a long sunny w/end - Even odder is that a fool like me is taking time to reply an hour after midnight on a Sunday night :ROLLS EYES:

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