A4 locomotives.

Discussion in 'History' started by AAF, Jul 1, 2013.

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  2. I'll be there, always had a soft spot for Mallard and her kin, and to see all six survivors together will be a unique opportunity*.
    I was fortunate enough to get tickets for one of the 50th anniversary specials in 1988 and worked another two as a guide, stirring stuff. For those of you who don't appreciate poetry in motion, the sight and sound of an A4 at speed is awe inspiring.

    Edited to add that "Bittern" was allowed to top 90 mph on the ECML last weekend.

    * The two on loan, "Dwight D.Eisenhower" and "Dominion of Canada", will be returning to their museums in USA and Canada respectively, in February 2014 and it is highly unlikely that all six will ever be together again.

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  3. Just noticed this thread. First A4 I ever saw was the Hornby Dublo model - remember them ? Saw loads of them in later life when I used to travel to Grantham to see my soon to be ex fiancee. Having been brought up on a diet of KINGS and CASTLES in Guzz, I was very pro-GWR, but the sheer size of them couldn't but impress me. I'm just happy to have seen them at their very best.
  4. I'm originally from Spamcan and Nelson country and still have Southern leanings, but the sheer beauty of Sir Nigel's masterpiece has always held me in awe. I first saw Mallard back in the forties (my grandmother lived near KX), but seeing her close up when she was in Clapham museum, and many times since I have lived in York, plus the '88 specials I referred to in my former post, has made me realise what a magnificent machines the A4s are. Just don't get me going on chime whistles.:love10:

  5. Going up on Tuesday, will try and get some photos

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