A year to go!

Anyone at the same stage as me? This time next year I'll be on terminal leave, I've done my CTW, which was worthwhile, but as a WE tif I'm finding it hard to identify worthwhile training courses. I will stay as an engineer, so I'll probably do the 17th edition with 2391 addition, but I have no wish to be an electrician. All my contemporaries are just throwing their ELC at knebosh, but H&S is like pulling eye teeth and not relevant to what I want to do. I've been lucky that my last job is servicing medical and dental equipment (sterilisers, anaesthetic machines etc). It seems I've got to long to do to actively seek employment but I don't want to miss the boat. Anyone in a similar predicament or experienced the same,


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Hi Angry Mac. I'm at the same stage as you and just finished my CTW this week. Know what courses I want to do but problem is booking them

Hope you have more available time :)


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Find out what area you want to enter and then look for the courses. But I imagine you already know that.

Funny you should mention NEBOSH. I received my results yesterday morning and 'check out the big brain on wits' was the verdict. I just done it as something to do (It's an incredibly dull course) during my resettlement. One or two online applications I filled in for jobs actually had it on their list of quals.

If you and Drew are leaving this time next year don't forget to calculate the 2013-2014 leave you are entitled to. You might be surprised how much you have when public holidays are taken into account.

You have probably completed your CV. Once you've determined what field you want to enter, try and find someone, be it a friend of a friend who works in that field and have them take a critial eye over it.

There's no point in applying for jobs until about 3 months before you're leaving. On that note try and save as much GRT and annual leave enabling you to be flexible.

The CTP right job website is a excellent website. It crashes all the time and you may have to phone up you unlock your username, but stick with it.

The next year will fly in. Good luck lads.



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Thanks for the advice Wits. Have checked out my leave already and I'm planning on saving a week from this year as well as using a week of resettlement for "job hunting"
Im going to go self employed as a Sole Trader, I have my fingers in many pies but will sell myself mainly as an electrician

Im looking forward to leaving as I've had enough now. Hope your doing ok now your a civvy :):)

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