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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by chieftiff, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Just a quick word of warning about a scam e-mail in current circulation, I'm sure none of you are stupid enough to fall for it but just in case!

    One of the guys at work today received an email proclaiming to be from HMRC telling him has been awarded a £209 rebate. The e-mail asks you to follow a link to a site with the url beginning hmrc.co.uk which looks incredibly convincing, here you are asked to enter a credit card detail in order to prove your identity, this is when he got suspicious.

    The real hmrc website is hmrc.gov.uk

    He has reported this to them this afternoon and they confirm it is a scam and they are investigating it, HMRC will never send you an e-mail of this sort apparently.

    You have been warned, this isn't some e-mail circular, it is a genuine and ongoing scam so beware.
  2. There's also an Abbey National one going round (they've sent me 7 emails the helmets) asking for your online banking login due to blacklisted ips trying to access your account.

    Not that any of you are thick enough to fall for that, especially with the superb line "Thankyou for safe making our internet operation, this will benefit your secure action"

    But just in case, beware!
  3. Its when you get one from one of the banks/building (supposed) asking you to verify your details etc etc, when you don't even have an account with them - scam or what!! I always delete them - my bank tells me it would never send a email asking for pers info like that.
  4. They still try it on because there are still plenty of people who are stupid enough to fall for it.
  5. Another one to look out for, this one goes for your machine and proper fcuks it:

    You may get a post on the net from a user or an email with a picture of a hot lass with her fun buns out and there's a link to the .jpg file/s with the 'full' shots.

    The link will be set up along the lines of "Kara1_to_12.jpg.exe" or some such and the clue is the ".exe" at the end, the executable file. this will most definetely be malicious. One click on this and you'll be in a world of s*** as this could be anything from a keylogger or a trojan to just a malicious twat's way of wrecking your machine for a laugh..
  6. Had a similar one from a Nigerian Widow, 3.9 million squid, only cost me 25 grand to get the money over here, my cut is 1.8 million squid.........cant wait for it to arrive........ we`ll see who`s laughing then eh?

    Also asked for a picture, if she`s a Widow, must be a chance of a Blow Job, all my birthdays are arriving at once.
  7. Got a pretty smug expression on my face right now. :lol: :lol:
  8. Linux user myself :oops:

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