A wish list, what would you ask for?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Blood, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. The idea here is simple, if you were to have a meeting with 1SL and he asked you for the top three things you could change, restore or introduce into the Royal Navy, so that he could take these to the MOD. What would they be?
    Mine, in no particular order:
    1 - the abolishment of food and accommodation fees for all serving members. (i don’t think anyone serving their country, should have to pay for the privilege).
    2 - A ban for five years on new initiatives, in order to consolidated with the many we have.
    3 - Stop the scrapping of hulls and provide better runs ashore for all.
  2. Thats 8" guns I take it? Or am I completely off track and running aground?
  3. 1. Put all Departments back the way they were 15 years ago.
    2. T22's are the best ships we've had for yonks. Build more and bin those bendy 23's.
    3. Resign. Today. And take your para-political wannabe mates with you.
  4. 1. Smaller hips and a flat stomach
    2. Moisturerisers that do what it says on the packet
    3. George Clooney living in my loft
    4. End of world poverty and cruelty to animals
    5. All idiot men to be removed immediately to outer mongolia where they will not be allowed to return until they can learn to drive without their dicks taking control. or indeed have a civil conversation about the merits of Jimmy Choos vs Manalo Blaniks
  5. A swift look at Rosina's merkin
  6. Thats just being greedy :thumright:

    Peace and Goodwill on earth for all men (and women of course)

    If exchanging ships company is now the norm, get them to exchange cap tallies as well. Sunday HMS Edinburgh representing RN at San Carlos, Jolly Jack wearing HMS Exeter tallies.

    Provide specialist Healthcare for service men and veterans. If they reopened Haslar I would travel there to get priority treatment rather than wait in a list for the local NHS to play catch up.

    Oh and increase my pension please
  7. If that was true then most of the people on RR would be out of a job!

    I'd like to wish for a nice T22 to be painted pink, converted into a luxury ship to sail me around the world. It would be crewed by 22year old tall fit rugby players and as skipper would have Gavin Henson as the Cpts Steward to come give me a special shake each morning ;)
  8. 1. Increase in JOB (Jocks on Board)
    2. The word 'FRISP' to be punishable by mandatory Splash Target bosun duty.
    3. WRNS (or whatever they are known as now) to wear full webbing....only.
  9. Is that a Milk Shake or one of these healthy Protein Shake??
  10. a proper shake, and I don't mean one a half way down :whew:
  11. Of course you don't :hump: how many sugars? Or are you sweet enough?
  12. Beam me back to 1968 Scottie (Boats Forever) :nike:
  13. Proper Aircraft Carriers with proper planes

    Return armed forces to the size they were during/after WWII with enough bodies, equipment to meet the commitments the Government decides to send them on

    Military in charge NOT bean counters

    A Military that has the equipment and ability to project force ANYWHERE in the world without worrying what our Cousins across the pond think
  14. 1. Ban all health and safety nazi's from MOD property.
    2. Ban political correctness.
    3. Create and execute plan to eradicate the tabloid press.
  15. Three of the girls from the picture in the Bikini Babes forum.
  16. Diesel boats brought back.
    Re open military hospitals
    Scrape statistics and number crunching.
    Increase service pay and conditions
    Stop meddling in other peoples wars and problems.
    Free Ipods for all.
  17. Bring back Leanders
    Bin all stewards
    Scrap pay 2000
    Run the RN like an armed force and not a business - negat purse strings.
  18. Solution:
    1. Stop eating cakes and chocolate
    2. use an o'natural product (Gratis issue available)
    3. Very hot in our attic. and you don't like sweaty men
    4. Exterminate all animals and feed to the hungry.
    5. we are too busy dodging women drivers doing their makeup and who are they??? (clothes or shoe designers)
  19. Two blonde women and a barrel of whipped cream................................ :thumright:

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