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Darth mate, you might have something there. The doctor has been this morning to administer my weekly electric shock treatment. I'm still twinging a bit, but the sparks are bouncing off me now.

Keep taking the pills mate. You'll get better soon.

All the very best and be good


Ps: I like the glasshopper bit, You probably didn't know the Jedai are actually based on the Samurai and the Ninja!!


War Hero
Yes via Akira Kurosawas 'Hidden Fortress'. Ninjas, Samurais good grief!! You're not a Jedi as well are you Steve? Wow I thought that was just in the movies.
NZB :slow: :rambo:


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Ninjutsu as it is taught today consists of nine different Ryu or schools. These nine schools have different strengths, and work well at different distances and in different situations

Because these schools were all founded at slightly different times they may have a different emphasis. Some of these schools were founded in times of war, others in times of relative peace. Not all of these nine schools can be truely called Ninjutsu, some of them are perhaps better labeled as Samurai warrior arts. However, because they are all taught together they are generally given the banner of "Ninjutsu".

These schools incorporate a large number of skills and techniques. Including techniques and skills using: Weaponry, Locks, Throws, Punches, Kicks, Ground based grappling, standing grappling. Ninjutsu is in itself a complete martial art.

As for the Jedi bit, their sword fighting skills really are based on the Samurai and ninja skills. Darth and Hairdu seem closer to this than I am.

Maybe they got one of those lazer jobbies for crimbo!


Steve, not only are you a complete disgrace to the Corps, but you are also an idiot and guilty of plagarism.

The grasshopper reference is from the TV series Kung Fu not Star Wars.

Funny how even your responses have to be "borrowed" from another web site. http://www.ninjutsu.co.nz/NinjutsuHistory2.htm The proper thing to do when you lift someone else's work is to give them credit, acknowledgment or give a citation. When you don't, it's plagarism. That is just a fancy word for cheating.

I suspect that most of the dribble you have scattered over the internet and in your books has been "borrowed" from men much more worthy than you have ever or could have been. Now you can add cheat to your list of accomplishments.


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I know full well where the reference to glasshopper came from mate. However, it was posted by our star wars man, Darth. Hence the reference to the Jedai. Also: just for NZB I copied it from a NZ site as that's his part of the world.

Never mind mate, that's interpretation for you. :afro:

Take care



Can anybody else hear the music in Al's head?

Nah, thought not. :rendeer:

Now I remember.......

Poor old Al really has got in a hissy fit about being belted when he joined 45. What has probably never occurred to him is that he deserved a belting for being such an out and out ******. May I congratulate the old hand who administered the dose; the lesson, unfortunately, was wasted. The prat still lives on another planet.


I was in 45, sadly at a different time to our Al otherewise I would have given him two good beltings.
Have a good day Steve.


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Ouch!! Old rules back then. You know the score. Keep yer trap shut and get on with it!! Which I did.

I later administred the congratulations myself and he was over the moon with it. Although he did look a little tired afterwards!!

Darth (****) Invader, I love it when you're "Forceful".

Bin-bad -hairdu: I bet you couldn't belt your trousers properly!!

Cheers & Be nice now. :dwarf:

GD/AL/SP etc


* The Jedi Creed:
* Jedi are the guardians of peace in the Galaxy.
* Jedi use their powers to defend and protect, never to attack others.
* Jedi respect all life, in any form.
* Jedi serve others rather than rule over them, for the good of the Galaxy.
* Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training.

If that doesn't work Jedi have been known to frown conspiratorially, look askance at nonces like Al Price, then quietly make a cup of tea while muttering, "What is it that rhymes with Banker?"

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