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lol the hate, threats and pointless arguing makes me laugh, did any of you actully serve with him? no, so how can you say something is 'bullshit' when you wern't there? He has proven many of the things that have been challenged, when really mate, you didn't have to prove a thing.

Good on you for sharing YOUR experience in the corps, shame on those who doubt him.
Who are we doubting now? I feel like Rip Van Winkle and have been asleep for a year.
Who is this George 21 ? Waking me up from my sleep-we are badger folk we hold on.
I is the woof in a different guise.
bindu said:
Who are we doubting now? I feel like Rip Van Winkle and have been asleep for a year.
Who is this George 21 ? Waking me up from my sleep-we are badger folk we hold on.
I is the woof in a different guise.
Go back to sleep oldman winkle
Oh its about Steve P.
I thought that by now it was generally accepted by one and all that he is a fantasist and that his story is loosely based around his own fights but incorporates all the other fights that bootnecks were getting into around at the time he was serving, but putting himself as the hero of the punch ups.As for did we serve with him' well I think that you should look up his dits on the onceamarine site the bloke is a total arse and generally hated by blokes who have served in the corps.
Fighting in Thailand at kick boxing 'yeah right


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Bindu: You like those who cast the stones don't know me. The stone throwers on the OAM site served in a different Era or didn't serve with me. There are some good guys on there and some not so good. That's life though isn't it. However, if you know Speedy from that site, he'll vouch that I'm sincere and very genuine as I met up with him last year and sometimes chat with him on the telephone. We were surprised to see that we have many Oppos in common.

If I remember rightly you live in middlesbrough which isn't far from me. There's one or two former bootnecks who live near me in Hartlepool who'll be up for a few wets if you ever fancy it. To be honest mate I wrote about me and what I did, whether you or anybody else likes it or not. They'll vouch for that. I've walked the walk with justifying what I did and really couldn't careless wether people believe me or not. I didn't have to stand by what wrote, but that's just the way I am.

These days I'm still a very fit and active guy, but very sensible too. Although I have been a little fiery from time to time over the past few years when discussing my books. However, if you see it from my point of view you may understand that.

Drop me a PM mate and ask any questions you like. I have nothing to hide.


It came to me in a flash, a Damascene moment -Royalbumbaclod is a preece groupie or the very man himself.
Reveal all and admit to groupie'sm and you shall be forgiven, or be you him .Then you shall be put in a hessian sack with a couple of bricks as mates and dropped from a great height into deep oggi.
A piece of arse came floating past, I remember.
Ive read both of Steve Preece's books, and though the were a good read i then passed the books on to my dads mate an ex 45 bootie who served in the falklands and a round that era and to a lad I play rugby with who is with 45 now, the older marine agrees that 45 in the 80's was crazy and a bit like the wild west but said the book may well have been a collaberation of a few marines dits, the current marine said that in his 5 years service he aint experianced anything that is stated in the book bar the pissed up runs ashore and that this type of behavior would get you killed in the corps, just some general info from two very different booties
Mikey boi thats just about right what your mate in Royal said, "that kind of behaviour would get you killed in the corps'.Well said that man
one thing that both royals agreed on was that in the first book Steve fights the world and never loses (bar the midnight shake) which both find a little far fetched as every one gets pasted while pissed up on a run ashore also the older royal beleives that if one man did all of this in the corps during that time he would have been binned or locked up. As I have said before I can't comment as I have never served and enjoyed the read I'm just relaying a message


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Greendeath said:
However, I actually wrote my books to put my demons to rest and the idea worked immenseley.
By demons do you mean bills perhaps?

(and don't bother coming round, i check my windowsill for ninjas EVERY night)
If Al's books don't make you queasy, try this. Posted to a Bootneck who chose to tell the tosser exactly what he thought of his crap.

This is why Preece, or Al Price chooses to post in the dark hours, he can then return to his etcha - sketch and remove his threats. Or so he thought. The bloke is a loser.

He'll even arrange to find your house and rearrange your physiology. Wonderful, just the sort of tosser we need advertising the Corps.

Told you the bstard is crackers, he gets gulpers on the sherbet once a week and then issues threats to one and all.Next day contrite as fjuck, a week later he will binge drink again come Thursday or Friday night and its all on again.
Nah' fjuck him, dont need the hassle of dealing with that shyte.


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Look at the date on that post it was over two years ago. Back then I was still wrestling with the likes of you who tends to post all kinds of verbal, which is apparently allowed. Yet if I have a few sherberts and fire back I'm the bad one. Admittedy I didn't always approach it the right way and should have had greater control. Hence the reason for the apologies that did follow back then after my head had cleared and also why I deleted any posts I may have made that weren't really meant.

However, as the saying goes: let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Anyway: This time on I am in control and I wish you all the very best in life.

Best Regards

Glasshopper.....you forget ancient saying.....

"Leopard never change spots.....especially when Leopard is psychotic."

Riv rong and plosper.

You may find it easy to forgive yourself, and assure your benign ass that all is well; however there are those who know what you are really like.

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