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Greendeath said:
I think you'll find Bungay is from OZ. So you can shove your double identity bollocks up your arse. I also think you're talking rubbish about an oppo from 45, who served with me. If he was in Yankee Company at the same time as me. He'd remember the type of behaviour that was going on.

Bailborg Served with me at that time. Your friend MUST know him too!!
His comments are recorded on the Once A Marine site. Some of which are as follows:

Those who were in 45 during the time mentioned will of course remember the attempt to burn the CO's house down. Other officers living in virtual fear of some of their marines. Joy riders who took the unit ambulance and crashed it into Y Coys grots where it caught fire. The late night driving and setting fire to cars on the airfield. The blokes who departed for a career in the French Foreign Legion. Others going AWOL. The fighting down town with the casuals that resulted in a number of marines (some friends of mine) been seriously injured. Been banned from going ashore. Been banned from some pubs. Unit cells full some weekends.

Also: Zulu86 wrote this one.


I have verified previously that these events did go on in 45 during the eighties, they were wild times. Sometimes it went too far but I dont recall anyone being seriously hurt.

The unit had a large %age of Pub Commandos at the time. I was only an eighties (81-89)Marine so I dont know it it was any different from any other era. My guess is probably not, maybe a little.


The second book covers the following 13 years after I left the Corps so you seem off track with that. The transition from being a bootneck to a normal everyday civilian is not easy for everybody. You'd be surprised with the amount of people whom I've heard from who have or are experiencing problems adapting to civvy street.


Hi welldone this people are just retards and can you get a pic of what the book look like i want to buy it. People if you can READ he said its his fact what he thinks not what you think so shutup you jelous bastards.
theGimpMK2 said:
I'm of the opinion that Green dick is posting with multiple profiles.
Don't give this nobber the oxygen of publicity
theGimpMK2 OUT
He was pinged for this over on ARRSE a while back.

He had a special para friend.

Wait till he's online pished and threatens you with his cyber ninja skills. :roll:


Lantern Swinger
That was bollix as well. I have NO para friends. They wear skirts don't they?

Anyway: PM Bungay and ask him or get a moderator to confirm his IP address. If its not in OZ, I'll get the wets in.

Ta ta.

Bungay the very fact that you choose to live in Oz is a clue to your nobbishness.Only if you live in the territories can you be excused this title.

Why you call gimp a nob'Huh! I turk your dog strongly.
NZB I was 60 miles away from you today before the southern winds blew me back.
Your sanctuary and safety may yet be exposed to being turked.
Wrong yet again Quin you old fart Ha! Ha!
Keep goin you may discover me yet!!!!
I just love the way you bite.
Good job I aint got any sheep otherwise NZB would be rushing over here
bungay are you sure you arent a linesman out in the bush-hold on was that glen cambell-nah he sang about it.
wet blobby get this bungay out of my life.

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