A vote of thanks for the Chavs


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A Vote of thanks for the Chavs
I am sick of newspapers like the Wail continually berating the section of our community known as Chavs.
They are often referred to as Lazy,feckless,free loading benefit collecting, ankle biting producing scum.
However let us examine the reality of the group.
Yes they exist on handouts stolen by the tax system from many hard working families who are financially in a far worse predicament.
But they really do benefit society, ensure that jobs are not lost and plough their benefits back into society.
How can this be?
1. Though Chavs do not work in the sense as we know it, many work in the black economy doing cash in hand jobs, the tax paying public who employ them
save 15% of the cost of any work done by not paying VAT, also their is no such thing as the minimum wage so the job can be up to 50% cheaper to start with.
2. Chavs use both Tattoo parlors and Nail bars, thus keeping many people who would normally find it difficult to obtain work in full employment.
3. Both £ shops and Iceland are frequent haunts of the Chav, if the benefits were cut both of these firms would suffer irreparable damage.
4. Weatherspoons open at 0800 for breakfast (which for many includes alcoholic beverages). Peruse any Weatherspoons before 1030 and investigate the
status of the majority of customers. So they keep Weatherspoons employees working.
5. Many Chavs have more children than those of us who work, possibly because they have far more time to procreate. many think that this leads to larger
class sizes, this is not the case as many of these child en fail to attend schools as Chav parents see it as a right to have three foreign holidays a year. These of
course are always in term time cos it's cheaper.
6.The mobile phone industry would also be hit hard, Chav must have the very latest mobile or they Will be dissed by the rest of the tribe. Similarly with
large screen televisions, computers, trainers and other luxury goods.
So don't berate the Chav, campaign for an increase in benefits so that the Chav tribe can continue to help with the employment figures and the Great British Economy


But still, Chavs are idiots because 'normal people' go and look for work, not matter what it takes! yet Chavs sit on their arses smoking weed while talking about how they mugged this old lady a couple of days ago. they're the rats of our society. to be honest we would benefit a lot more without them. They claim dole money for the fee to pay their drug addiction! no way in hell do they go out and actually look for jobs, because i know plenty of Chavs who claim and they just spend it on drugs. absolutely pathetic!

My Opinion.

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