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A Visit to the Dark Side


War Hero
A few days ago I sneaked over the border to see what the soldierboys were up to and although I got a bit of a mauling they were a great bunch.

It`s worth a look

Here`s a link Click Here


Lantern Swinger
They are great over there. But they have a little hang up about sailors being gay, and they don't take a response too well - especially when you point out that the first two civil ceremonies performed for the Armed Services have been SOLDIERS!

See, gay bum-bandit SOLDIERS. Not sailors, but HOMO SOLDIERS. Now you know why they like living on camp (see - CAMP!). Why do you think they are so concerned about kit? Not because it's good, but in case it makes their ARRSE look big. All this macho bonding is a cover for them to take their shirts off and hug each other.


War Hero
Thanks for that PompeyS. I never realised, next time I`m over there with my new found friends I`ll ask erm about that.

Should get a reaction.


Sounds like there's a touched nerve somewhere in there pompey!

What the matter, some big rough soldier type turn you down when you asked him to share your cabin!


War Hero
As an ex matelot and now a serving soldier , i can say that there are more puffs in the Army than in the RN . The two incidents i recall involved REME armourers one had the dodgy nick name of ''Bungle'' .Of course me being an ex submariner now an NCO in recce i am used to the sexuality comments , and i always say ''well remember that fag Bungle and the young trooper'' to which i get a ''lets change the subject '' .
If on a submarine a lad was exposed as a puffta his life would of been hell . Things change maybe things are different , ''but in my day''

Deleted 7

i can say that there are more puffs in the Army than in the RN

I'll agree with you on that one!

Had a lad onboard one of my ships, wouldn't of known he is gay but he is a good lad. Every one got on with him and respected him. I was one of the first onboard he told and where as I would of said 'come out in your own time', I told him that no one would be bothered. Eventually he did come out and no one's views changed.

Now I know a load more guys in the Army, gay and proud but when they came out to their friends they ahd been serving with there was so much uproar over it.


Lantern Swinger
Don't really give a toss about them. Known them all through the last 21 years, and not one has bothered me, or anybody else. The only one who caused problems was a PO(wafu) who made such a song and dance about coming out, that he was more put out because no-one gave a toss. He was leaving gay porn mags around trying to force a reaction, and failed.

When I say "not one has bothered me" - should I be concerned that I am so obviously unattractive to my own sex!?


War Hero
Yes Pompey they do seem obsessed with it, Yeah yeah I`ve been back over there but that’s the last time, I think.
The moderaters seem very protective of the new forum, in fact this thread was moved into arrse hole before I arrived, perhaps rightly so.

What you don`t see is behind the scenes I got some nice PM`s from peeps saying thanks they had a laugh.
Which was nice.

Click here for another feed of arrse


Have to (reluctantly) agree. They send chaps like me over on exchange and when I speak to my mates back on the dark side they automatically assume I'm now pushing back and giving regular reacharounds!

My new boyfriend thinks that's outrageously predjudiced!

Can't believe I didn't get a bite, that would've reeled them in on Arrse, think I'm going to like it on this side of the fence.


I remember being on a ship when the first (legal) one went to The Sun, with the Captains permission of course. The hype was all the rage and there were people all over the place saying about how "if they let 'em in we'll fill 'em in". As soon as he came out there was no problems, no one filled in and everone got on great with him, I guess it's just acccepted in todays day and age - bearing in mind he was a chef so maybe that helped!
The only bods I encountered who had problems with gays were senior officers, who for some inexplicable reason were paranoid about the whole thing, oh and the very occasional ex-Ganges inmate who confused homosexuality with sadistic NCOs who enjoyed beating young kids - who were usually married - the NCOs that is, not the Juniors :?


An honest opinion from a Pongo now. After 23 years (a lot of it working in tri service environments) I can honestly say (but obviously only an opinion)that no-one in the Army really thinks that the RN is any "gayer" than anywhere else. On Arrse and in any force on force banter it is purely a tool, based on historical rumour used to bait the Navy, and generally comes into play when all other efforts have failed, call it a lack of imagination because it probably is.

lets face it the army has historically had a very large percentage of gay women and people have just accepted it as the norm. In this politically correct world we live in I'm sure this would put the army way up the list of top gay employer.

From a personal point of view I couldn't give a shite, I would guess that the vast majority feel the same.


Lantern Swinger
I don't think many of us really cared to be honest. We've all known someone, even when it was illegal, who was just as capable of doing their job when it mattered, they just went to different nightclubs from the rest of us.

Have you noticed that the ones who really moan about the likelihood of being "touched up in the showers" are the butt ugly ones that the gays don't fancy anyway? Bitter and twisted.......

When we had a renowned homosexual join my last ship, one or two people started on about how they would "kick off". When he joined, he fronted them out, and gave them the option. He was not going to move messes, perhaps they should consider it. He also mentioned that even if they were bent over, ready greased, and the last option on this planet, he would rather dryhump the pavement. They moved.


Lantern Swinger
Mon Cher Albertus, or Mon Onkle if you prefer, I was of the opinion that you treatise on the Naval Vernacular truly informative as far as my bretheren across the aisle are concerned, it is the equal in its veracity with Dr Johnsons Original Dictioary, and should, like that noble tome, be housed in no less a repository of knowledge than the famed Bodlien Library. Further more my dear old heart, as a denizen of "The Other Place", I welcome the occasion when you nautical chappies venture across the alleyway, as it were, if only to inject what may be, let us say, an ignorance of matters naval and I would go further and say that your impressive knowledge should be brought to the notice of no lesser a personage the the Navarch of Britannia, who no doubt being of a sympathetic nature would invest you most suitably.

Yours most very truly etc
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