A very sad Story Indeed

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Oct 6, 2009.

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  1. Just had to show you this from another site, reminds me when Richard Bell Davies, finally went to Haslar in the midd 60 s, and the SBA told me he was on special watch, for him in the end, and what a privilage it was to look after such a great man in the end :cry: :cry: L/T CDR Fred Fredrickson

    Sadly Fred, Test Pilot, Falklands Sea Harrier hero, CO 800 NAS and most recently sim instructor at Valley, died last week. At the end he was living alone in a care home in Spalding, with only his carer to look after him.

    Apparently he will be cremated this Friday, with just his carer attending the ceremony as he had no family at the end. Unfortunatly Naval Strike Wing are embarked at the moment, but we are trying our best to ensure that Fred's funeral befits the man that he was. One of the RN QFIs at Valley is the man with the details at the moment, which hopefully we can get on here to try to get a good attendance and flypast at the ceremony and see him off in style.

    Hopefully someone will post the funeral details here shortly. RIP Fred.
  2. His last take off will be at Boston Crematorium PE21 9HA @ 14:00 local Friday 9th October.

    I received this from the FAAOA webmaster:

    "Lt Cdr R (Rod) V Frederiksen (sp) was a Sea Vixen pilot in 766 NAS and 899 NAS before moving on to fly the Phantom and the Sea Harrier.

    In the Falklands War of 1982 as a member of 800 NAS he was credited with shooting down a Dagger from Groupo 6 on 21 May 1982 and was Mentioned in Despatches."

    A quick Google produced lots of references, including the award of the Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air, London Gazette 11 June 1994.
  3. Are the local RNA/ British Legion branch aware of the details Scouse
  4. Not sure???
  5. Scouse

    There may be an article reporting the sad passing of Lt Cdr Frederiksen in the regional press later this week.
  6. Your a star Sol ?? is their a Boston RNA ??
  7. Please be assured, guys, that Fred did not die alone in a care home in Spalding...
    I can confirm this as his daughter - one of 3. I can also confirm that the funeral details are correct, and please attend if you so wish.
    It has been a very sad loss indeed and there will be many family members attending, and although everyone can not attend due to unforseen circumstances, we are all there in spirit to celebrate a wanderful man and pay our respects.
    Thank you for your support
    Emma Frederiksen
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  8. Thats cheered me up EmmaFred :salute: :salute:
  9. Emma

    Thank you for your message. I was very sorry to read of your loss.

    My deepest sympathies to you and your family.
  10. RIP shippers.

    Did he have a nephew who was an AEM?
  11. Emma

    I'm sorry to hear your sad news, but glad that he was not alone as he took off for the last time.

    If you look at this thread on PPrune you'll see that at least one person is trying to write an accurate obituary for your Dad. Do you know who can fill in the blanks, and add any further details?

  12. I am a PPRuNing journo, and I may be one of those referred to by Airborne Artist.

    It would help if anyone could add any dates, detail and/or anecdotes to the bare bones of an obit taking shape below.

    Lt Cdr R (Rod) V Frederiksen
    7 April 1947 - 2009

    Known as ‘Fred’?

    Began his frontline career as a Sea Vixen pilot with 893 Squadron aboard the Hermes from February to July 1970, after conversion with 766 Squadron between September 1969 and February 1970. In August 1970 he transferred, with his Observer to 899 NAS embarking on Eagle in November 1970.

    Fred moved on to fly the Phantom with 892 Squadron between 197? and 19??When? Dates?

    Fred attended the Central Flying School at RAF Little Rissington in 1973, subsequently instructing on the ???? at ????. (What and where, and when?)

    Fred was on 36 Fixed Wing Course at ETPS in 1977.

    He then served as a test pilot on A squadron, A&AEE, until the late 1970s/early 1980s

    Fred converted to the Sea Harrier in 19**. Date?

    Fred served (as SPLOT???) with No.800 Squadron under Lt Cdr Andy Auld, which was embarked on HMS Hermes during the Falklands war, while Lieutenant Commander Nigel ‘Sharkey’ Ward’s 801 Squadron was embarked on HMS Invincible.

    HMS Hermes sailed from Portsmouth for the Falkland Islands Total Exclusion Zone (TEZ) on 05.04.82. The Squadron’s five Sea Harriers were augmented by four SHARs from 899 NAS, which had in effect been absorbed into 800 NAS on 02.04.82. The original 800 NAS pilots were Lt Cdrs Andy Auld (CO), Mike Blissett and Rod Frederiksen, Lts Mike Hale, Simon Hargreaves, Andy McHarg, Clive Morrell, Dave Smith and Nick Taylor and Flt Lt Ted Ball. They were joined by Lt Cdrs Neil Thomas (CO), Tony Ogilvy and Gordon Batt, S/Lt Andy George, Flt Lts Dave Morgan and Robert ‘Bertie’ Penfold from 899 NAS.

    On 16.05.82 Frederiksen (flying XZ460) provided top cover for Lt Mike Hale when he strafed the patrol vessel Rio Iguazu, causing it to be abandoned

    On 21 May British forces landed on the Falklands, provoking a strong response from the Argentinian air forces. Sea Harriers were flying CAPs, but it was later calculated there was only a 25% chance that the aircraft would be in position to intercept any given raiding force. Despite this, the Sea Harriers downed nine enemy aircraft that day, and RF was responsible for one of these, downing a Dagger (C-409 of Grupo 6) with an AIM-9L Sidewinder. RF was Mentioned in Despatches.

    Fred served on "A" Sqn at A&AEE for a second time in 1983-84. Fred completed the flight testing for the Sea Harrier FRS1 Phase 1 Update (which was developed at BAe Dunsfold 1986 -1990, and which included Sea Eagle capability (and also a NAVHARS that worked, among some other avionics bells & whistles e.g MADGE which was trialled on Ark Royal off Gib in her pre-commissioning work up).

    Steve Thomas did a lot of the initial testing (DGS etc) but Fred did the Sea Eagle trials firing (XZ440) with a ramp launch then firing at some unfortunate 'scrap' frigate.

    This was not the first firing - that The 1st live Sea Eagle firing was mid 1980's, by BAe TP Mike Snelling (using XZ440), taking off from Hatfield, refuelling at Valley (or Llanbedr) before transiting to the Aberporth range.

    Sometime after that the FRS1 fleet was rewired and Fred made the first service firing from a SHar in about Jun or Jul 1984. Fred embarked (with XZ440) on board the HMS Illustrious for the firing. The target was HMS Devonshire, and with an inert warhead in the missile the ship's back was broken, and she was subsequently sunk by a Tigerfish torpedo.

    Before his Sea Harrier Sea Eagle firing, he conducted the second Sea Eagle firing by a military crew, from a Buccaneer over the Hebrides Range. The first Buccaneer Sea Eagle firing was by Andy Sephton on 8 Oct 1984. Fred fired the second one on 15 Oct 84. The trials aircraft was XT288, operated on behalf of 31 Joint Trials Unit. Fred's Sea Harrier firing was a little after that date.

    From May 1985 to January 1988 he was the Commanding Officer of 800 NAS.

    (He spent a small time near Portsmouth after Yeovilton). Doing what?

    Fred was recruited by BAE to replace Taylor Scott who was killed in a flying accident in October 1987. He served as a Test Pilot at Dunsfold from 1989 until circa 1994 (or until “at least 1996â€), and used the callsign “Hawker Victorâ€, Hawker Foxtrot already being used by Heinz Frick.

    He was project pilot for the Sea Harrier mid-life update (FRS2, later FA2), and may have fired the first AMRAAM from a Sea Harrier in trials at Eglin.

    In the early FRS2 trials some flights were undertaken with the CG moved past its normal aft limit as a worst case. The aerodynamic analysis showed that the aircraft was actually unstable, but this didn’t seem to cause Fred any problems.

    A Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air, was gazetted in the London Gazette on 11 June 1994.

    (Anyone know what this was awarded for?)

    Fred went to be a Sea Harrier (Sim instructor or QFI?) Instructor at INS Dabolim, Goa, in India. Not Indonesia???

    Dates? From 1997 until 1999?

    The family moved to Anglesey in October 1999 to become a sim instructor, though he did have a small break after returning from India/Indonesia...

    By May-December 2003, Fred was a Sim Instructor at Valley? Was he previously a QFI on 208 Squadron at Valley? Dates?

    He retired from Valley in about 2004.

    At some unknown point in his career he was a QFI on RNEFTS? Dates?

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  13. Taken the Liberty to post this from Prunne :wink: Edit. To put to rest any fears you may have had that Fred wouldn't be seen off in a fitting manner, or that pusser wasn't 'extracting the digit', I can confirm that there will be (weather permitting) at least one flypast involving aircraft from here at RAF Valley, RNAS Yeovilton, and potentially 800NAS - Altough NSW is currently embarked. The flypasts will be overhead Fred's home at Donington, at 1320L, prior to his coffin leaving for the crematorium.
  14. Just had a very nice return phone call from Boston RNA sec S/M V.Jackson The RNA will be in attendance for Lt Cdr Frederiksen Funeral
  15. I served (whils I was an AEM) with Fred on 809 & 800 Squadrons. After leaving the RN I also worked with him at BAe Dunsfold. He was always a very likeable person and very laid back. but, what I will always remember him for was that whilst serving at Yeovilton and on board ship, he was one of that rare breed of officers that would always find time to talk to the ratings.

    I really hope that the FAA/RN find it in themselves to show some sort of representation at the servise being held for hiim this afternoon.

    My deepest sympathies go out to his family.
  16. Their is a very important PM waiting for you ,please answer it ASAP, thank you. Regards D. P.
  17. For all others who couldn't make it; You'll be glad to hear the weather did allow the flypasts. At the precise moment Fred arrived outside the house, with family and friends gathered in the street to meet him, a GR9 from 800 Sqn (NSW) passed directly overhead. The timing was perfect to the second - as you would no doubt expect. A few moments later a Typhoon from Warton, with two hawks from NFSF(FW) in Vic, also flew over. Once overhead the Hawks peeled off smartly into echelon as the 'phoon plugged in the carrots and pulled into the vertical. The Hawks, resplendant in their Fly Navy 100 livery, then returned for a final slow pass before departing. It think it was a most fitting tribute, and all who were present were increadibly moved, and doubtless pass on their heartfelt thanks to the crews involved. The local RNA crew were Standard Bearers B/Z
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  18. Thanks for the update Scouse, was pleased everything went well!

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