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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by crazyman, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. im planning to join the navy when i have finished my degree 3 years down 1 to go.

    i was thinking of joining the rnr to get a bit of knowledge before hand get fit etc.

    just wondered having read the other posts on here what can actually be done in the rnr.

    would the fact that until recently i was in the ta make it harder to join. (why my account is so old with so few posts i tend to post on arrse)
  2. I am in GSSR branch and we provide ratings to the fleet for Ships Protection Organisation duties. You would get training in basic naval matters, rifle handling, specific SPO training and Basic sea safety.

    The deployment can be a couple of weeks or longer in duration, but come up with short notice, so be aware of this limitation.

    I will let others lay out their stall for their own branches, rather than do them an injustice.
  3. TA experience would make you more welcome, rather than less. Depending on your university area, it might be worth looking into joining an URNU.
  4. dont suppose you can tell me where abouts the unit is i would need to go to do this can you.
  5. Depends where you are shippers.

    Give us a rough idea and we'll give you the unit.
  6. im in immingham near grimsby
  7. Then that would be SHERWOOD (Nottingham) or everybodys favorite CERES (Leeds). Both very nice places. SHERWOOD being the main unit CERES being the tender.

    If you would like to PM me i would be happy to give you more info.
  8. URNU or RNR? Now that is a problematic question!

    Actually, Crazyman, I think you will have difficulty in attaining a place in an URNU unit because you are nearing the end of your degree. The URNU operate on a three-year programme which you could not be reasonably expected to complete, which is why they favour first-year candidates. But I think it might be worthwhile for you to attempt getting a place anyway.

    I imagine that you would be looking at joining the RN as an officer, and the URNU would provide you with the 'wardroom experience'. However, the RNR would provide you with a flexible training programme, so depending on how much committment you want to give to the RNR, you can fast-track through the training or take your time as neccessary.

    I suggest that you should visit both the local URNU and RNR units, to see which you prefer. The main advantage for the RNR right now is that you can actually join straightaway, whereas with the URNU you will have to wait until about October time for the interviews and won't actually join until January.
  9. it will be the RNR i know there isnt enough time for the URNU and the university im at it too far away to join one.

    how fast is fast track for the training, as i have a long summer holiday this year but after that i have very little time off for the 9 months after semptember (start my pgce which will take up most my time)
  10. thanks for the advice mate. i shall do so. although at the moment im required to work in a school for a year after i graduate which is a shame but my own fault. so next year i shall
  11. Its not a shame, old chap. Its leadership and management experience! Although I would follow letthecatoutofthebag's advice, as the AFCO are the slowest branch in the Royal Navy. Start speaking to your local careers office while you are teaching, so you can move quite swiftly into the Andrew.

    Even if you are planning on leaving the RNR in a matter of a couple of years, its still worth joining to get a bit more knowledgeable about the RN and its sometimes peculiar way of doing things. The only way to fast-track at the moment is if you are reasonably fit, have a good elementary knowledge of the RN as it is, then you might be able to persuade the staff to let you get to Raleigh by summer. I managed it from NE (New Entry) to passing out at Raleigh in four or five months, so if you work hard it is possible.

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