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A useful guide to Guzz

Only one problem. Last weekend the “academy†was raided by the police (drugs what else, it was a well known place for them) and shut down for three months. :lol:
clanky said:
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In the interests of balance

Oops didn’t realise you were Guzz to (should have looked my mistake). All the same what was it all about? I don’t agree with the bit about trouble/violence the place was like “Woodsâ€, looks bad but no trouble?
but there was the prblem with the well known drug problems. At least they knew where it all was. But hey what do i know.
I have a horrible feeling that the low life will just move up the street and ply their evil trade in the next club and get it shut. To much money involved me thinks.
Not even the most ardent Plymouth inhabitant defends Union St, surely?! The Pompey residents I know (including me!) all hate the Guildhall for much the same reason...
Have to agree, Guzz was the dogs boll0cks, had some fine hangovers there.
And I have fond memories of `The Prince Albert` (the ones I can remember :lol: )
R094V1-George said:
And I have fond memories of `The Prince Albert` (the ones I can remember :lol: )
Yeah, some locals offered Tiger & me one of those in the mid 60's! One smashed jaw and a broken collar bone later, after we declined their proposals, and for some reason they ran away! Was it something we said?

Apart from that, didn't they have a slight problem back in 67 or 68 (for the youngsters out there, the hand-pulled beers were served through a recycling method called an 'autoback' system, which recycled the overspill back into the glass!) when someone found out that the pish they served was being extra-watered down?

Was down in Guz last september 05,didnt venture down the street after dark.spent my time down the Barbican.and a good time was had by all.Ollie former RM
Yep got to admit that as I got older in the mob the delights of the Strip paled in comparision to the Barbican. It all 'seemed' more friendly there. My claim to fame was falling in the harbour when blitzed, granted the tide was in and nobody noticed....I just dragged myself out and carried on. Being a warm summer evening and all it seemed the thing to do. FUN FUN FUN FUN FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!
Did a tour in Guz 85-93 ( up the hill at seaton bks)..... kicking times. Union St was mental. The music, the girls, Cascades (not strictly the Street). Probably thousands of happy hours (and pounds) spent down there. A.d.s. ing, occasionally running riot. Ziggys/roots for some warmers, the Tube to wind up the doorstaff (good blokes all), Star of the West/loose moose, Phoenix, Two Trees. Twos Up (59 Union St) when jesus was dj ing there after cascades went pants. Truly f****ing awesome times ( the odd fatality not withstanding)

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