A true leader?

After browsing through the Royal Marines website, I came across this comment in the 45 Commando news section. It was a quote from the RSM, regarding the now famous Apache Rescue Mission to recover the body of LCpl Ford RM. It made me think about what qualities a true leader should possess.

WO1 Colin Hearn, a Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) with the Royal Marines, also volunteered for the rescue:
"It had never been done before on that particular aircraft," he said. "I just wanted to get on. We knew what we were going to do. We had a rough plan of how it was going to run.

"I'm just grateful that we found Lance Corporal Ford and got him back on the helo and back with us. I'm a Royal Marine, I'm RSM of the unit, he's a Royal Marine the same as me - there was no way we were ever going to leave him, or anyone else on that battlefield."

In my opinion there are two types of leaders. Those who be because of their position demand respect and those who command it. This is an excellent example of a leader who commands respect and shows why men are willing to follow the likes into the fires of hell and back again.



It was a truly heroic exploit. All who took part should be honoured. However with the benefit of hindsight, which they didn't have, it was truly rash to risk the lives of all participants and some very valuable non human assets. Nevertheless they are a all credit the service. However ometimes a heroic venture can be an unaccepable risk. Thank goodness we still have uncalculating risk takers
Be nice to get those lads on say a Christmas show at Christmas televised live and bring them up on stage and let the nation know what they actually did. With that fecking prat tv show sidelining it a few need to be informed.

Mind these lads are the type who just go do it and have a beer later and think of lost comrades.


Lantern Swinger
This was a very daring mission and acheivement. It is unfortunate that their oppo was killed. However, it just goes to show you the level of bravery that bootnecks have. It proves the old saying of NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND.

Great soldiers, great Oppos and great, brave, elite men.


Green Death
Author & Former Bootneck

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