A tribute to Lt Moose the DAEO of 820 who tried to kill...

Re: A tribute to Lt Moose the DAEO of 820 who tried to kill.

Shame the rest of the show isn't there as it was about the best one I ever saw (spent way too much time in Ark Royal).

Moose's 'event' turned out to be funny once the initial phaff died down. I spoke to him before he was wheeled off the boat to his padded cell and it sounded like some sort of comedy act. Half way twixt grey steel and the oggin he decided this was a silly idea but it was all too late by then. Nobody noticed he'd gone for quite some time and then, after several pipes asking his whereabouts i.e. report to such-and-such, bedlam broke out and 820 had to break their golden rule of not finding anything in the ocean, lest their clattering machines didn't get their repairs signed off by Moose. Eventually they retaced the boat's track and found the prune-fingered Moose still treading water. I forget the exact period but seem to recall it was in the order of 2.5 hours, so quite impressive for one built like a racing snake.

So, we should all learn lessons from this. Never take the piss out of Deps because, unless like ours was, he's an SD, they are a nervous lot and don't understand banter. Likewise, don't refer to the nervy beggars lack of sexual activity and insinuate he's pushing a wheelbarrow in front of him. This really gets them upset, especially when photographs are found in the gash bin, along with a torn up 'Dear John' letter. Make sure they keep their white ovies on at all times, as they are far easier to spot in the ogg splosh.


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Re: A tribute to Lt Moose the DAEO of 820 who tried to kill.

pm me your address and i will burn you off a copy of the whole show.

Just remember that it was shot on a Manpad sized video camera that looks like it came from only fools and horses and i was high up in the racking, looking down on the show.

but there are some good stuff on there, worth seeing
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