A tribute to Billy Deacon RIP. Ex RN Aircrewman

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Waspie, Nov 19, 2017.

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  1. Posted on the BBC Website, a tribute to Billy Deacon ex naval Aircrewman and friend.

    He was an inspiration to me personally and was instrumental in helping me become aircrew.

    Billy sadly lost his life selfishly helping others. RIP mate.

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  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

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  3. Thanks for posting that Janner, I haven't seen that before.
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  4. Used to work with his son on 899 Squadron
  5. Thank you for posting that Waspie, I was not aware of it either and the details of the incident leading to his loss are galling to read. RIP Billy Deacon, but also my thoughts to the crewman that had to cut the winch cable knowing what that meant for his crew-mate. Jeezus. Anybody know if the new S-92's are fitted with second winches? I can't see the AW-189's as big enough to have them?

    This event was exactly 15 years to the day after my Dad, FCACMN Pete Matthews died, I would be very pleased to hear fom any menber that knew him or flew with him. Thanks all.
  6. Im led to believe ALL CG helicopters have the double rescue hoist system now as a direct result of the incident Billy lost his life in.
    I have met your dad by the way. When i was on BFT he would enter our classroom and throw time/speed/distance and maths questions at us. His responce was always ‘ too slow’ and throw another!!! Never flew with him. I went the Wasp route then pinger but that was at Prestwick. Dont think your dad came that far north!!!!
  7. Yes. The 92 has a dual Goodrich hoist. RIP Bill Deacon.
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  8. Waspie, thanks for your reply, don't take offence at the Old Man chucking those sort of questions at you, I think I knew the difference in the blade-count and main machinery harmonics of a Foxtrot and a Juliet by the time I was 10!

    He was never at Prestwick for more than a day or two but spent a lot of '76 on 814 at Stornaway detaching to Olna and Tidepool then back to Culdrose and on to Hermes.

    Very grateful to you for the memory, thank you, and good to hear that as a direct result the loss of Billy Deacon a positive safety and equipment upgrade has been implemented. Thanks SARKING.
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