A training film.

That reminded me of all the training films you used to get shown at Ganges and Collingrad during basic training.

Instructor put the movie on and naffed off for half an hour whilst you watched it and tried to stay awake :)

(No cadets were thrashed to within an inch of their life during the making of this film.....probably)

(Did I hear that right....what happens on Friday before half term?? Approx 8 mins 16 seconds into the film)
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"Cold Can Kill!!" will always stick with me, must've seen it at least 30 times throughout my time in the Andrew. And, just a few weeks before I signed-on, a WRNS recruitment film from 1970 that was shown to a mixed group of us, boys & girls, at the RN recruiting office (State House, Holborn for me) called The Best Of Both Worlds. It was filmed at Dauntless, Dryad and St Angelo. Ironic, as St Angelo (Lascaris Commcen) was to be one of my drafts a few years later. The soundtrack to the film is a song called 'A Place In The Sun', written by Stevie Wonder but performed in reggae version by David Isaacs. Bizarre how these things stick in ones mind.