A total disgrace

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Simmo, May 1, 2007.

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  1. They could have got him a uniform that fitted.
    To be honest he doesn't seem any more of a prize plonker than a lot I remember.
  2. It is embarrassing that in these circumstances a 'naval spokesman' should say anything other than "no comment"!
  3. could have ironed his shirt
  4. Was he allowed ashore in 8's (now 4's ?) looking like a scranbag? Or is that an old photo taken when the heroes returned?
  5. I'd give the scranbag a kit muster... and where is his torpoint?
  6. Quote from Wedge 35 on ARRSE:

    'I felt sorry for Arfer over the original story. He was just a young bloke who, like the vast majority of us, didn't cut a naturally heroic figure and was made to look silly primarily because of the actions of people, military and civilian, who are paid to know better. While there's no excuse for being an admin cluster - many of us were just that when we were sprogs - most of us were lucky enough to have time to get a grip without our failings being splashed across the national media.

    I find it more than a little sad that ordinary, bottom-of-the-ladder matelots and booties will forever be tarred by this whole saga and, like Arfer in the Telegraph's 'story' will continue to be made to look stupid. If my errors as a young squaddie had appeared in the media, I wouldn't even be coming out of hiding yet. But that's the point. Those of us who serve in the ranks are told - rightly - to be deferential and obedient to higher authority. We follow orders, we salute, we keep our gobs shut, we are paid less and we don't rock the boat (and that is how it should be). But, for some reason that is beyond me, over the last few years many of those on the other side of the fence have failed to keep their side of the bargain and every time a story like this appears my contempt for the 'professional classes' deepens. These sailors found themselves in the position they did because of the Forces created by ignorant politicians, because of the culture foisted on us by officers who would prefer to go adventure training than on operations and who treat their responsibilites as a kind of joke rather than as vitally necessary and by a sentimental and amoral media who pay for their lunchtime lattes in Wapping by throwing ordinary kids like Arfer to the wolves. These kinds of people, as the leaders - junior and senior - of our society have created a kind of cruel meritocracy where being at the bottom doesn't even guarantee you the protection of those set over you.

    To those people - YOU are the ones with the power and YOU have set yourselves up as leaders by virtue of your chosen employment. For G_d sake, exercise that leadership, DO something and most importantly of all, stop blaming the ills of society on powerless kids who work for you and look to you for leadership. The problems the Forces face are not the result of failings in the barrack block or the council estate, they are the result of failings in the committee, the boardroom and the officers mess. You take the money, the plaudits and salutes so you sort things out. Preferably without blaming kids like Arfer.

    Rant well and truly over.'

    Couldn't have put it better myself so let's think on before venting off. Since when did a matelot losing his passport warrant national media coverage - only when it fits with the media's agenda.

    BTW the text says he was wandering around Plymouth and ties it in with A picture that shows him effectively out of rig - the media are well versed in manipulating images and text for their own ends.

    I personally am fed up with the media(and those who run it) using the Armed Forces and their personnel as a political football to hack at the Government. Whitehall does need holding to account, there's no doubt, but they (the media) are contributing to an erosion in morale in their so-called crusades.
  7. Sorry? Can someone explain why he was not wearing a beret? I work on Fareham high street. Have seen naval personal only twice in 5 years wearing head gear, including at times officers and senior rates.

    1. Was a foreign sailor - I think german?
    2. Was some very large GI type shouty person with a pointy stick measuring up for the forthcoming Falklands parade.

    is there some new rule about not wearing head gear? If so it has not reached the RNR.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Well said Wedge 35, plain common sense, eloquently delivered.

    I've said it before: We (my generation) raised "Arfer's" generation, indulged them & trained them. You reap what you sow.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Blummin' heck, do you lot still get issued with hats?
  10. It's probably been asked before, and answered somewhere, but what was he doing outside a barracks/establishment in working dress ?

  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    He was in Number 4s in Iran too, the whippersnapper. Whatever next?
    Why, in my day....
  12. So this is an example of the modern day sailor, gawd elp us! :evil:
  13. That photo was from his return. they were given 8's to wear on disembarking from the plane, that's why if you look at the group none of them have branch or name badges.
  14. What a stupid pointy head.
    Still, this is what you get when standards reach rock bottom.
  15. I always thought that Juniors were issued with oversized uniforms so they'd grow into them. :lol: :wink:

    On a more serious note, we have an interesting double-standard here. It's OK on RR to discuss and denigrate unfortunate/accident prone Ratings like Arthur, but not apparently Officers called Harry. I believe that we should be consistent. If one is wrong how can the other be acceptable? I believe in the light of current editorial policy in Current Affairs, posts ridiculing the Ratings amongst the Cornwall 15 should be locked. Assertion withdrawn!

    Request to Mods: Please lock this post.

    (Wooly hat donned for incoming flak!)
  16. Another blatant attempt at a stir AAC. Pathetic.

    How is Batchelor's PERSEC compromised exactly?

    If he should however find himself seriously dancing the boards anytime soon, then the thread gets locked. Which is unlikely.

    What is more likely however, are any more threads beating on this individual getting locked.

    They're boring, they've been done to death , and as been previously mentioned here, over concentration on Arthur, means the real villains of the piece as it were, get off lightly.

    The press who didn't get his story are now in full vendetta mode, no doubt guided by certain PR individuals smarting from their last interviews sans coffee.

    I would really rather we didn't lower ourselves to their dubious standards.

    What happens to Arthur now, is up to his messmates and the Navy.
  17. And the chinese dhobi wallah.
  18. Thought I'd re-post this, it is extremely valid. Lets all have a go at a young kid who got caught up in something serious, and since his return has been made a mockery of. He ain't even wearing his own kit in that picture (given to them as they got off the plane I understand)! Total disgrace, I think not people, just one of the many versions of Jack we have out there, and I am pretty damned sure not all of them are perfect either.

    Give the lad a break, he lost his passport - and it made national news - come on!
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    There ain't many of those left either fella. Sadly there are a few ex-Ghurka Dhobi-Wallahs, times they are a changin'.

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