A Throw back to medical appeals

Hello guys and girls

This is a quezzie stemming from the same that may have been asked many of times.
Im currently under going a medical appeal (shock)

Though truly a missdiagnosis, the only reason i write for your advise is i have been waiting a month shy of a year to hear back from anyone.
i know my Careers Advisor has done all that can and this matter is also out of their hands. Does anyone know of anyone else that can be contacted to speak to? I would really love to hear that they are happy for me to continue my app that way i have more direction for what i am doing.

The most annoying thing of all is how clearly its been stated a missdiagnosis but taken soo long for anything to be sent back to me

Any help on this matter would be much apprechiated



War Hero
Sorry to hear of your circumstances.

In many cases, once a condition is diagnosed/labelled it is extremely difficult to remove the 'glue' with which the label is attached. The medical records will be scrutinised to investigate the history prior to diagnosis and why this particular conclusion was drawn. The obvious issue is if the condition wasn't "x" but was in fact "y" then the service will want to know why is was misdiagnosed, what irrefutable evidence supports the claim it is now "y" and whether or not the condition "y" is in itself correctly diagnosed and whether "y" is an issue in itself. Very often, some conditions, if they are not an outright bar, need to be a year or more 'symptom free'. Sometimes it is not the condition, but the treatment that is the issue.

Whatever the case, good luck.
Thank you for the reply

Ahh i get you, its abit of an odd one, my GP aint the best. But what i have is something that happens to even the healtheist of people.
I suposse it was the first thing that came to mind as i was clear of any other symptoms for anything else more seirous.
Hey ho suppose i just have to keep waiting in line.
I did read somewhere that if it needs to go to a speacaliest then current serving troops come first, which is incourse fair enough.

well it is coming upto a year now so fingers crossed for the next 6months but im not getting any younger haha. I hope it will help that i still do not have any over symptoms which would ajoin the said diagnosis.

moral of the story dont wrap it in.

p.s sorry to hear PRMC forum is closing was and still is a great source of information,
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