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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jun 24, 2011.

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  1. Fuckin hell we just got chucked out of submarines for being "silly".
    It wasn't me I was led astray, and I had a dizzy spell anyway.
    Anyway its getting dark soon so Wits will be about presently. Anyone else notice that, he comes out at night like seafarers teeth.
    He ain't a vampire, just butt ugly, and shy.:-D

    Anyways you lot stop fuckin about in Ninja's threads, you bastards.
    Just cus he wont commit to a decision over irons, it's taking its toll.:-|
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  2. is he about ?, thought him, Sol and SM would be out on the lash spending the takings from pay-as-you-query forum.
  3. He sent me a bomb by next day delivery so they must be raking it in.
    I think Sol works part time in M&S now I bought some suntan oil with her name on it. Did you know her first names Amber.
  4. as in nectar.....or necked her.
  5. Just a minute Rummers!
    I still got a lot of my teeth,all the bottom except for one, admittedly the top are looking like a club piano,one black,one white and one missing , well I do have a plate for two but I keep them for wedding and funerals and might get them gold plated for muff diving,do you think I'll lose them down there?
  6. I was just wondering like. Do you think anyone in Germany watches The History Channel
    on Sky or Cable television? If any German people do - I bet it gets right on their tits.......
    because it's programme content is 1% "history" and 99% "Nazi Death Camps", "Holocaust
    Diaries", "German Terror Weapons of World War II", "The History of the Waffen SS",
    "Nazi War Criminal Smugglers", and a shit-load more stuff that I am assuming the Germans
    would rather not be reminded of. It must be great in Germany, when there's f**k all on the
    telly and they flick through the stations - stop on The History Channel and discover that there
    is yet another full colour documentray on the "Rise of Adolf Hitler and Krystal Nacht".

    If I was a distant relative of an Ex-Waffen SS Death Camp Kommandant who had escaped
    justice and set up home in Paraguay after the war, I for one would write to the broadcasting
    authorities and complain bitterly.
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  7. Lets get it started....... Your all cu*ts!
  8. This from someone who is ditching the mob and joining the fucking Army.:pottytrain2:
  9. They may well sit and pine for the good old days, and wonder how things reversed themselves so much, that the Poles have now invaded them.:-D

    Gen Dobray.
  10. Don't tell me, the Royal Logistics Corps.
    Ah well, at least his crumpled ironing and gash fitness will be right at home with the 'Road Warriors'.:laughing2:
  11. I never failed because of my ironing ;)
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  12. That would make a great inscription on your tombstone, something to inspire pride in your Grandchildren to come I'm sure.
  13. Chico passed his ironing, he just fucked up everything else plus ironing dirty gear don't count.
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  14. Less of that please, some of us only do it for the snazzy red trousers and the chance to fuck some posh girls at a polo ball.
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  15. He didn't ditch the RN, the RN ditched him for being a pantshitting fuckwad.
  16. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Is he fuck. The Pioneers are over subscribed with Naval failures.
  17. Did you enjoy the Pioneers?:laughing2:
  18. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You must be joking.

    I failed the entrance test because my ironing was too good.
  19. I was good at Ironing, but there again I was in the PRESS GANG........

    Ok I've got my hat.......

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