A taxing issue

I was just reading Hammockhead's comment over in Lil's about the RFA not paying tax and a few things sprung to mind.

I understand the theory about a warship being UK territory but what if an RN matelot is deployed on an RFA. Should she/he pay tax? What about a NATO/UN/EU style deployment, surely you are working abroad?

Just a thought.


Hi M (R)

The old tax man just suits himself I'm afraid.

British Flag, Flagged Out, UK Waters, Blue Water, Govt. Owned, Private Company etc. etc.

What does it matter?

All seafarers spend at least half of their life in a steel box!

We should all get our tax back. ( or at least dicsounts on income / council tax )

Some of the rules just make the blood boil, a very unfair system.

Don't even mention Civil Service Pensions for CERTAIN Govt. Employed seafarers!!!

Rant Over!


Lantern Swinger
Not seen anyone mention this in RR before so thought it was worth a wipe, and some cash.

You can get some tax back if you use your own vehicle for duty journeys or you commute to a temporary place of duty. The daft thing is that the taxman calls a temporary place of duty any place where you are working for less that 2 years.

For those of you that live in and travel up the line, you can get tax back on these journeys as well.

All you need to do is keep a record of all journeys (date, mileage & reason) and the money you receive GYH, RILOR, C30 payments). I do this in a simple excel spreadsheet & send it with my claim from. Ask for a claim form from the tax man at the end of the year and a few weeks after sending it off you get a cheque or a better tax code. Don't forget your £140 a year which should automatically be given to you as a serviceman plus any subs you pay to a prefessional organisation.

You can go back for up toseven years with your claims. Found all this out from a mate who is a tax accountant.
Better yet if you are a WE rate with electronics experience, pm me cos in the oil industry now they are crying out for people and we get our tax back after 183 days out of UK. What are you waiting for???


War Hero
You dont even need to keep records of your journeys as it goes.

Just go to the HMRC homepage and download a P87 form and fill it in following the instructions. Then forward to your tax office with your original P60.

My wife works for the revenue and told me about this for when I was at FOST and travelling every weekend, apart from leave periods.

You just need to offset your GYH pay against the mileage you have completed on your journeys.

Mileage rate is worked out at 40p for first 10,000 miles and then 25p for every mile after that.