A tale of two cities

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. Never mind the discusion on which is best, Pompey or Guz.
    Let us remember the good times and places of each of these fine cities.
    The idea s to give a Portsmouth location and the reasons for choosing it followed by the Plymouth equivalent.

    For Starters:

    Portsmouth Billy Manning's fun fair, useful for trapping young ladies.
    Plymouth That lighthouse on the Hoe, useful for trapping young ladies.

    Portsmouth. Beasties.... useful for pulling scrubbers
    Plymouth. Diamond Lills.....useful for pulling scrubbers.

    Portsmouth. The street that the Guildhall is in...............Lots of rough pubs
    Plymouth. Union Street................lots of rough pubs

    Over to you
  2. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator


    Plymouth: The Barbican with all its winebars and culture
    Portsmouth: ?

    Plymouth: Plymouth Hoe, a relaxing day by the sea with swimming facilities a bowling green and well kept gardens.
    Portsmouth: ?

    Plymouth: Drakes Island, a pretty little island in the middle of Plymouth Sound.
    Portsmouth: The Isle of Wight, Bloody miles away

    Plymouth: In the beautiful county of Devon on the edge of Dartmoor National Park.
    Portsmouth: In Hampshire.

    Plymouth: The place of my birth
    Portsmouth: A place I had to work in for 3 years.

  3. Pompey - Just to remind us how bad Faslane is.
    Guzz - Just to remind us how bad Rosyth is.
  4. My turn...

    Plymouth: Barbican wtih some wine bars and pubs.
    Portsmouth: Gunwharf/Old Portsmouth, pubs, clubs, wine bars and retail shopping and of course, ITS HISTORY.

    Plymouth: The Hoe, always windy and bowls for the old gits
    Portsmouth: Southsea common, boat lakes, pitch and putt, lovely gardens and walks.

    Plymouth: Drakes Island. A short distance away, but no-one is allowed on there as it is owned by some old meglamanic.
    Portsmouth: IOW just across the water which has attractions too numerous to mention and a sign of life.

    Plymouth: Dartmoor, craggy, marshes, not much sign of life.
    Portsmouth: On the edge of the New Forest which has numerous walks and wildlife trails, pubs, Beaulieu and wildlife in abundance. Of course, Winchester, the original capital of the country just along the road and is also the SECOND best place to live in England according to a recent poll.

    Plymouth: Not the place of my birth
    Portsmouth: Not the place of my birth either. :)

    Guzz - full of oggie eating chavs.
  5. What about Rosyth, now there's a great run ashore. Forth Families Club, Dockyard Club, Gladyar Inn and the Goth, hmmmh.

    In all seriousness though, when I was up in Rosyth onboard the Ark Royal in refit a few years ago. Dunfermline was a cracking night out, particularly on a Wednesday for some obscure reason.

    Places which spring to mind were Monty's, The Wee Creepy Bar, Lorenzo's, The Ball Room. These places were always full of very amiable women.
  6. Then they open their mouths, is there a translator in the house - ouch. :)
  7. As an aside, Monty's Bar in Dunfermline was owned by one Monty Banks, an ex-sundodger.

    Not a lot of people know that.
  8. I live in GUZ and you beat me to it all.

    Particularly the Drake Island comment.
    Hoe and dog POO
    Swimming pool only open for 60 days per year.
    Barbican Drinken locals and students
    sorry Chieftiff its changed and not for the good I am sorry to say.

    However... Capt. Jaspers is quite different :thumright:
  9. Portsmouth - full of Civil servants relocated from MoD London.
    Plymouth - full of students relocated from everywhere, with the Council falling over themselves to attract more, and bollox to the natives
  10. So Roll on Chats the land of rats
    Of syph and gonorrhoea
    Of Crabs and lice and cats and mice
    Ive had them all not once but twice.
  11. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Now you've ruined the illusion, guess I won't be going back anytime soon then :whew:
  12. Was out in Dunfermline last night! Should have stayed in Tappies, ended up in 'Life' (formerly Gatsbys) and walked into a chav v chav v bouncer face-off that put WWF Smackdown to shame. Had just bought a cheeky double, turned round and nearly had my head taken off by a tremendous haymaker from one of the doorstaff that sent an Abbeyview council estate dweller night-nights! The rest of the security team were engaged in a 'search and destroy' mission of various burberry clad tits who had arrived mob-handed but had obviously split up, good fun drink in hand watching them being hunted down from the balcony! Unfortunatley the wife had one of them thrown at her by a gorilla in a bow tie. All it needed was the 'Biff!' and 'Kerpow!' from the Batman TV series fight scenes. The Mrs has done nothing but complain about how she will never go out in the town again as it was so violent, personally I had a great nights viewing!
  13. Was the Cabaret inclusive or was there a cover charge?
  14. Its the sister-in-laws favourite pub! What type of family have I married into?!!!!! Though its good to watch the chavs batter each other to pulp now that Jack is no longer en masse in the town and a target! 2 for 1 wets and a ringside seat!
  15. GUZ; extortionate bridge (or ferry) to Saltash with its different culture.

    Pompey; extortionate ferry to Turktown with its different culture.

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