A sweet Alternative

It is my practise to take myself on a Bike ride every morning as early as I can.
It is very invigorating and also lets me oggle the fanny going to the local comp and see what Jimmy got and I dipped out on.
That aside the War Office gave me a direct order to visit the local Olde Worlde Sweet shop and get her a couple of the big sweet jars to use as containers for her Pickled Onions.
As it happened the woman had three, I was required to bring back two so I had a thought.
Fuckin Tins of chocolates are always filled with a load of shite I don't want like strawberry creams and raspberry or even worse coffee.
Upon enquiring I discover that the jars hold approximately 6Ibo of sweets. So that's 24 quarters. A quarter is on average 85p. So 24x85=2040 or £20.40p. So about £6.00 a Ib.
I filled the fucker up with every variety of sweet known to man, that I like and it in fact was nearly toppers for just about £15.00.
A tin of roses cost £12.99 for 975 grams or 2.15Lbs approx.
My sweets cost £3.40Ib and I got fuckin oodles of real good shit, chocolate toffee, rum toffee, chocolate Brazil's, buttered Brazil's, the fuckin ish.
Get in there.
I may need to peddle further now.
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