A suitable prison?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by uncleTom, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. Am I the only one to have been told that RNAS Yeovilton is seriously being considered by the MOD/ Home Office Liaison Team as a suitable Open Prison on the same lines as RNAS Ford was in the 1960's.
    Anyone with inside information?
  2. Only the inmates!
  3. When I went for my medical aged 16 (I had applied to join the Submarine Service as a Medical Technician, once old enough) at Haslar I instantly recognised the characteristic naval architecture (it reminded me of the G Spot, which I had become interested in the previous year, and which had only just closed) and reported to the gate. :oops: :oops: :oops:

    Oh the shame..... I had just reported to what was a YOI... luckily they didn't take me under their wing after a dose of PULHEEMS ;) and told me where to go. Sadly I was certified fit for skimmers but not for boats, and so I made the decision I've regretted ever since. I didn't join up.

    Personally I think naval barracks make perfect prisons. What with en suite facilities, stylish "designer" lino (it's in fashion at the moment) or wooden parquet flooring (a must have in the civvy home of any class), electrified fences, ditches filled with mud and the watchtowers ;) what more could you ask. Mind you, just remember the Home Office rejected using the G Spot as a borstal on the grounds that it was unsuitable (The heads had all been disconnected and the pipes smashed!) for human habitation!!!

    This begs the question: does HMG regard matelots as sub-human? o_O

    Roll on HMP Yeovilton! :twisted:
  4. If they use VL as a prison, won't the inmates escape by helicopter??? ;)
  5. That's Culdrose surely or are they both there merely to rescue recalcitrant Essex and other LiLo amateur sailors?
  6. ....poxy moron
  7. thingy wrote: This begs the question: does HMG regard matelots as sub-human?

    Certainly below the level of the average convict who gets 40 minutes worth of phonecalls a week and our guys and girls only get 30 when on Ops.

  8. ...oh yeah and also beneath the level of the average civil servant when it comes to levels of compensation paid out for a Repetative Strain Injury on a thumb versus loss of several limbs, etc from wounds received in battle whilst following the orders of the same HMG.

    Still, the situation is gradually improving, isn't it?

  9. yep improving at the pace of an asthmatic ant carrying some heavy shopping...
  10. Asthmatic ant produces some imaginative anagrams.
    A snatch ma tit Comes to mind. I seem to recall that young girl at Losseimouth telling me I was a little rough on her breasts.
  11. When they closed HMS Mercury down in the early 90's, the south side of the main road was offered to the Home Office as an open prison. It was turned down as the accommodation was sub standard, which was a bit of a blow for those of us who were still living at SCU Leydene on the north side of the road, cos that accommodation on the crescent road was older than the stuff the Home Office turned down.
  12. Living in a stately home and grumbling. I don't know. ;)
  13. The daft part about Leydene House (which was the Wardroom) was that they building intself was not listed but the staircase inside was classed as a listed structure, very bizarre.

    I always remember divisions in front of the pond and fountain constantly running, oh how that used to wreak havoc with my bladder.

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