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A SPUR CALLED COURAGE - win a copy of this book


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A Spur Called Courage


This is a new book about the exploits of the Special Operations Executive (SOE) officers in Italy in World War II.

A Spur Called Courage is written by ex army officer Alan Ogden and tells the story of SOE, the work of the officers, the failures of SOE to support them fully and the operations carried out. To read the review by Untallguy go here.

There are five copies of this book to be won so have a go at this FREE competition by completing the entry form which can be found here - Entry Form. The competition will run until Saturday 11th June 2011.

Spur called courage.jpg

This competition is possible due to the generosity of Flint Marketing. A Spur Called Courage will not be published until 1 July 2011, therefore prizes won’t be sent out until the beginning of July; you have a chance to get one of the first copies off the shelf.


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Book Reviewer
73 views yet only 3 entries!!!

Come on guys, this is a good book which would grace any bookshelf (after reading!) and once again the competition comes at the right price - FREE!!

Get your entries in to have a chance to win.


Book Reviewer
I have submitted my WINNING entry

And if I don't win this time, I'll be paying A_G a visit at his care home.



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Review Editor
Book Reviewer
This competition closes tonight so get your entry in NOW. Remember, it comes at the correct Rum Ration price - it's FREE!


War Hero
Review Editor
Book Reviewer

Competition closed and winners drawn.

The answers were

a. Sir Frank Nelson
b. Grenadier Guards
c. Clement Atlee

And No-Duff the answer below was not sufficient to get you into the winners enclosure! :spiderman:

The Regiment that he served in is so secret that if I told you I'd have to kill you.

You should have tried harder searching Google!!! :) As I have now informed you of the answer, please go and kill yourself!

The winners, in no particular order and drawn by Annabel from FLINT marketing are:

Dizzy.chick (it was your first entry that won so no need for 2 bites at the cherry!)





The books will be sent out at the end of June - it is not published until 1 July. Again, we are grateful to FLINT Marketing and Quercus for the prizes.
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