A spell in the cockpit

That's a truly magnificent example of, 'polishing a turd' journalism MoD net RSS is becoming famous for.

Ignore the fact that:

None of those training methods are new and Culdrose has only just adopted them.

They have been forced to adopt large amounts of synthetic training as the real aircraft is a) too expensive and b) mostly unservicable due to the massive engineering burden the Merlin carries.

They even try to spin that their massive facility doesn't even get the simulation correct to give the correct visual cues.

13 ******* months to train a pilot AFTER DFTS? How the **** is that a positive!

'25% of the Navy's assets?' Really? Did you mean Merlin assets you halfwits?

A 'clutch' of aircraft? Sounds better than the actual figure does it....

Another shining example of the MOD RSS being an utter waste of bandwidth. Who are they actually trying to win over with this turgid, poorly written, innacurate shite?
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