A song for the Bomber Queens.....!


Lantern Swinger

I think she should be invited to be the mess pin-up of the JR's or the SR's mess on a V boat to reward her for her promotion of the unheralded work of the SSBN force (5 showers a day, action stations now and again etc.....!) Apparently she's a Prof at Glasgow Uni - definitely requires a call round on a boat for a few tins and a night in the Imps with the troops as a thank you for keeping the Silent Service firmly in the public eye on YouTube.
2 days! 2 days I've been trying to watch that video and what happens? Some fit Scottish chick with a delightfully short skirt with a psychedelic backing track mutters sweet FA in my ears whilst not getting naked. How disappointed am I? I was fully expecting boobs and all sorts!

Round the buoy class leader...

It was like that when I found it chief
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