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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by JamesH, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. To the tune of "I Will Survive"....

    At first I was afraid, I was petrified
    Kept thinking I could never turn Spurs into a top four side
    But I spent oh so many nights thinking how Stalteri did me wrong
    Perhaps I'm wrong but I'll just have to carry on

    And we'll be back, into fifth place
    Wait till the transfer window, sign another waste of space
    I should have sold Paul Robinson, I should have dropped him from the team
    If I had known for just one second he'd concede more than Derby

    Go on now go - Bent, there's the door
    Just turn around now 'cause you don't score goals anymore
    Weren't you the one who cost more than Thierry Henry?
    I knew you'd crumble, I'd rather have Emile Hes-key.

    But I, I will survive
    Oh, if we just win the next six games I know I'll stay alive
    I've got Tainio who is crap and Huddlestone who's just fat
    But I'll survive, I will survive

    It took all the strength I had not to fall apart
    Kept trying hard to mend Defoe's relationship with his little tart
    And I spent oh so many nights trying on John Barnes's tights
    And oh I've cried, I want the Spurs job till I die!

    And you see Keane, he hates me too
    I subbed him off when we were winning then we went and fecking drew!
    And now I'm scratching my big chin, should I just sell Ledley King?
    If I'm gonna save my skin I'll need some Labour party spin

    Oh yes I, I will survive
    Levy wants the Special One because he's got more drive
    Or that bloke who's at Seville, just the thought it makes me ill
    Hang on what's that? You say my pay off is four mill??

    Go on now go, I'm out the door
    Don't need you nasty dirty scum fans any more
    Tottenham have no class, so stick your job right up your arse
    And I'll survive, yes I'll surviiiiiiiiiiiiive!

    Yes I stole it, but funny as hell.
  2. Go Gunners.... :rendeer: :w00t:

    By the way nice ditty....
  3. being a gooner, thought this was brilliant

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