A Solution?

God’s Bounty

Not Brown nor Cameron nor even Vince Cable; there is only one man the country needs.

Rig the gratings, Mr Christian.
We are going to flog a banker.
Call the ratings, Mr Christian,
Now my soul begins to hanker
For the backbone of a banker.
Furl the sails and drop the anchor,
Mr Christian.

Raise the yardarm, Mr Christian.
We will hang a politician.
There’s no pardon, Mr Christian
For a man of his condition.
When you hang a politician
It improves with repetition,
Mr Christian.

Roll the guns out, Mr Christian.
We can terminate the scumbags.
See, the sun’s out, Mr Christian!
Let our bellies be our rumbags
When we terminate the scumbags.
Stuff their heads into our bumbags,
Mr Christian.

...Borrowed from Eratosphere
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