A shameless plug for the R.M.B.F

Discussion in 'Charity' started by X.R.D, Apr 1, 2010.

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  1. Seeing as though alot of you are getting bored with my last thread I thought I would start another one to steer you towards helping our serving and time served Bootnecks in their hour of need!!!

    Please give to this worthy cause as i'm sure you would want someone to help you if you were ill or injured.


  2. BUMP.
  3. Done, and BUMP. :wink:
  4. Look, this is how happy Millie Clode is when you give XRD some money, you want to make her happy don't you?

  5. Seen.

  6. BUMP
  7. BUMP

    Come on ladies and Gents help me out with this good cause!!!
  8. BUMP
  9. BUMP
  10. BUMP
  11. BUMP
  12. nearly 36 hours and nobody's bumped this. Well if you're not going to then neither am I. :)
  13. Grow up you fcuking headwand!!

    Bump guys. Just got back from climbing and at least expected another few quid.

    Thanks to those who have kindly donated.
  14. bump
  15. bump
  16. BUMP
  17. BUMP
  18. BUMP
  19. BUMP

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