A Scouser more Honourable than most politicians

Tony Snell,
Presenter on Radio City, spilt his drink onto the mixing desk whilst on air, it shorted his mike switch, leaving him still broadcasting, even though the switch was off....... cue a few expleteives, and that they would sack him now as it wasn,t the first time he had spilled something into the console....he had been warned by his boss not to take liquids into the studio with him.
He came on and apologised for the swear words, but I believe kept his job after a lot of supportive phonecalls from listeners, who thought it was hilarious...
Its often said that a politician could get under a snakes belly with a top hat on. However if it was a scouser the snake would be on bricks.....and the scouser would be down the pub trying to sell the hat...

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