A sad indictment on our society

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Feb 3, 2010.

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  1. Over the last few days the top news has been full of the pathetic shenanigans of John Terry. Who is he you ask, well I didn’t know either until his name hit the front pages. Here we are with our troops fighting in Afghanistan, the Chilcot enquiry in full swing, our massive national debt and a general election looming, yet the fact that Terry has been dipping his wick out of watch seems takes priority over all this.
  2. It sells newspapers, Fink..... well 'red top' newspapers.... well ... it sells papers !
  3. Afghanistan,Chilcot,politics boring as hell.Football player getting extramarital leg-over.......great,tell me more.The great unwashed have to be kept happy.The more salacious the better.I can't wait for the TV series or the movie. :wink:
  4. An even sadder indictment on our society is the big news story that has overtaken John Terry's extra-marital goings-on.

    Chavtastic tit model Jordan has got married in Las Vegas to a cross dressing cage fighter.

    And the second biggest story is Peter Andre's reaction!
  5. So it's beer, football and sex scandals that keeps them happy, very worrying when they have a vote as well.
  6. There was a post about John Terry, dont know who it was started by, but i will copy and paste what i said.

    ''I really dont care to be honest, i dont understand how this useless bit of shit managed to make it to the front pages of the papers, considering whats going on around the world. Are we a nation where we actually care about the rich and famous more than real life news ? Its sad that the earthquake that recently happened or soliders being killed are reduced to nothing more than a article, but John Terry spreading the love gets the centre page spread.
    Also i dont think what he does in his past time is nothing to do with us, he is not the first and not going to be the last.

    Should we judge him as a footballer or a love maker? ''
  7. I realised a while ago that the country is fcuked from the core. Many do not posess the mental capacity to look after themselves and conduct themselves in a way suitable for a civilised society let alone shape or understand how the country and the world works. Thankfully some of us are better than this growing underclass and with that comes the responsibility to act in their better interest and for the greater good of the country even if they are too busy dribbling to notice.

    This shouldn't stop us rolling out plans to stop them reproducing, voting, or generally getting in the way. A licence for childbirth sounds good to me.
  8. As an educated and original-thinking citizen I laugh and poo-poo those red top front pages and turn over to concentrate on Page three.

    (Just checking on what the grandaughters and their friends are up to these days, you understand.}
  9. I concur, page 3 of the Independent usually has some excellent articles.
  10. I see Mr Capello has made his decision and taken the Captaincy away from JT. Well at least he didn't kick him off the team, that wouldn't have helped Englands cause in SA at all. To be fair from the reports that surface daily about this bint, she is a righ goer who has done half of Chelsea already, Wayne must be gutted to know he was just another tick on her team poster.
  11. Are you sure you don't mean four poster? 8O

  12. Looks like am 'own goal' for him then?
  13. To Captain the national team in any sport is a great honour and with it goes responsibilities such as setting an example to youngsters who aspire to reach the pinnacle of their chosen sport. To take the job from him is IMO a good decision, god only what will happen to Terry when he looses his looks. :) I see Clifford managed to get his snout in, as expected.
  14. :roll: Bread and circuses :!:
  15. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Hmmmmm, whilst I have no interest in shagger, exposure to TV heightens the interest. If your having a dig at modern society, look no further than a house in Westminster. Does the armed forces still reflect society, and maybe your stuck in your ways?
  16. With text language accepted in English essays, top TV ratings = The X Factor and Big Brother, JT's fall from grace hardly original for frontline media splurge. Same old, same old. Grow up, work hard, get famous, lose it all.

    In a country where teenage pregnancy and divorce rates top European ratings, the media bleats and expects footballers to bear the moral sceptre. Staggering.
  17. Fink - Just to further your education, John Terry is shown here on the right with LS(D) Lee Duffy, recipient of the award for Most Outstanding Sailor or Marine at the Sun Military Awards (Millies) in 2008:

  18. :roll: Quite;- almost as low life trash as M.P.s :roll:

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