A Revervists War.


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Fascinating dits, Janner, and bang on cue regarding the X-craft on the day news has broken about one (probably) being found on the bottom in NI.

Last year I met Jim Booth who was one of the D-day COPPists and spent five days in an X-Craft off Sword Beach providing a starboard-hand navigational marker. How such a chap who must have been 6'4" was coiled down into a X-craft is a bit of a puzzle. I visited one at Portland in 1956 and even though I'm a bit shorter than that it was a bit of a squeeze.


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I met Jim Booth on my last trip up to Dolphin museum, only had chance for the briefest of words as he was off to a meeting.

Gordon Newman was a great friend, it was very difficult to get much out of him re his time in the X Craft and felt that his part in things was hardly worth mentioning. When he talked about doing the beach landing, I said that I felt that that was a large contribution to things, his reply, others did a lot more.

A fast reducing generation of men who will be badly missed by those fortunate enough to know any of them.
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