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I'm ex URNU, UAS and MoD Int (GEOINT, MASINT and IMINT) and given my experience wish to inquire about the possibility of serving in the RNR Int branch. The Light Blue reserves (i.e. 7010 Sqn RAuxAF) do a lot of such work, but if possible I'd rather be Dark Blue, given sea time I've done in the past. I have spoken with my local RNR unit, attended their recruiting day and have spoken to my AFCO. However, there were no Int officers present and through no fault of their own the other branches were unable to answer any of my questions, and so far have been unable to put me in touch with any Int branch officers. I tried talking to the next RNR unit along (i.e. in a neighboring region) but so far they have been unable to help me either. What I'd like most is to speak, and preferably meet, with one/some Int officer/s from HMS Ferret. I'm happy to travel as necessary. I'd much rather not conduct such business on a public forum, but I feel I'm running out of options. If you're an RNR Int officer I'd be delighted if you could spare a minute to PM me... Many thanks indeed.


Nope, and a LOT of water has gone under the bridge.... I can hardly believe that was 3 years ago! The conversations I had as a result of my original post, above, were very useful indeed and I'm extremely grateful. In more ways than one I'm continually fighting the clock, and other things, but I've never stopped being as keen as mustard when it comes to the RN and RNR, plus my IMINT skills have continued to grow and grow (not least in terms of RPAS) and as fate would have it I now have more of an "in" with the Int world than at any time since I formally left it (long story!)...

... so, if there are any pertinent developments in the world of RNR Int (esp. IMINT) and recruitment into the branch I'd be just as keen to hear about them.

As a point of interest I ended up having a great conversation with an ex RNR Photo Int officer (ex long-time regular FAA Observer) who served in the dedicated RNR Photo Int group/department/branch (not sure of their name) when it was going strong in the late '70s and early '80s. They'd never been called up, but when the Falklands kicked off they were convinced they'd be amongst the first RNRs to be activated. However, at the time the law meant that as it was only a "conflict", not a war, they couldn't be mobilised. Not long after (mid-'80s I think?) they were disbanded, for reasons he and I cannot fathom... High time for a resurrection perhaps?! ;)
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TVM - Noting your long-standing keenness, could you not join the RNR and progress - Enjoying whatever the Reserve Service offers but biding your time in the event/hope that your skill set will be eventually be recognised.

When/if that arises you'd be ready for an instant transfer rather than waiting outside for an opening but then having to start from the very bottom at Square One?

Once again, just curious.


I recently came across the following video. It is USNR, not RNR, and therefore isn't directly comparable, but it would be great if the RNR Int Branch also produced material of this kind. ;) Plus, it is always fab to see and hear IMINT employed in a naval context! :)


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