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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Stirling, May 28, 2011.

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  1. So, are we expecting ex-matelots to give away their pensions whilst working in civvy street (especially if re-employed in the Public Sector)? Whilst I appreciate the populist sentiment behind his thoughts, it may set a precedent that we don't like.
  2. I can't see anything in the article that remotely suggests ex-matelots would be expected to give away their pensions.
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  3. No, but the wider point is that he has donated his pension, from a public body, solely because he is now working for a second public body. If he had gone to work for a private company would he have considered doing so; would there be as much "happiness" about it if this was the case?

    Transfer that to the Armed Forces - if you are drawing your RN pension, after your 22, and then go and work for Flagship, who could be considered to be in the public sector, should you be considering giving up your pension? Or indeed, if you go and work as a teacher, fireman or copper, who are a directly in the public sector.

    You earn a pension in the period you are working in a job, and that is a reflection of the fact that you have put some of your pay away for a later date. It is dangerous to say that you aren't entitled to it solely because of who your new employer is; whilst in this specific case he is not being made to donate his pension, who wants to bet that it may become the norm.

    As I said, a dangerous precedent has been set.
  4. Some may consider that Flagshit are public sector but they would be wrong.

    I understood what you said, I just don't agree that it is any kind of precedent worth worrying about.
  5. My problem is that it has already happened with the meme regarding the PM's pay-packet.

    Anyway, VT Flagship is in a partnership with the RN, so I would suggest that it is on the outer limits of the public sector.
  6. VT Flagship is wholly owned by Babcock's now, who have fingers in many pies so they are private sector, definitely not public.
  7. If you've done 22 in the RN and then 15 in the public sector then it's similar to 37 in the RN. Whats the fuss about? Just a bigger pension in either case.
  8. Yes, but some people consider that they might be public sector for the most tenuous of reasons, therefore everyone is going to lose their pension and their families will all be murdered in their sleep. Probably.

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