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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by JonnoJonno, Aug 5, 2010.

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  1. I found a magnum of 1995 1er cru Chablis in my wardrobe just now, that I had forgotton about for 9 years!

    It's fucking amazing
  2. WTF was it doing in your wardrobe? Or is that the entrance to your 'Special room' much like the gateway to Narnia?
    Certainly another World for its occupants. :twisted:
    Get yourself outside it pronto Tonto.
  3. The cellar's full mate 8)

    Having spent the evening sipping the equivalent of alcoholic butter, I refuse to bite at your taunts regarding the standard of living of my house guests.
  4. It's a Domaine Michel Colbois, Premier Cru 'Cote de Jouan' 1995. Being a Magnum I think it has lasted better than usual. It is seriously buttery and still retains much of its acidity.

    I seem to recall accepting it as a dowry for taking-on a French bird some years ago. The Father was grateful, and supplied me with enough French food to stock a Deli for a year.
  5. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


    Wine in the post. How many do you have room for?
  6. You trumped me with your Faslane buffet. :D
  7. 15 years isn't a huge amount for a decent White Burgundy and both '94 & '95 were exceptional years.

    I hate you, you bastard git!
  9. Fuckin shower of pimps and fairies.
    Real men drink meths

  10. I had best not tell you about the unique (produced in only one vintage ever) 1/2 bottle of desert wine from Burgundy. I'm trying to think of an occasion to open it, but I'm determined to drink it only when all my closest family and friends are dead. I'm not sharing it for shit. :D
  11. And your address is? We are about to hire a minibus :lol:
  12. The Coop do a really good navy rum at 10 quid a bottle!
  13. Can I formally suggest that lunchtime on Sunday 15th August 2010 would be an excellent choice of occasion?

    I am more than happy to supply the requisite Foie Gras as an accompaniment!
  14. White wine is for girls and gayers.

    I always had visions of you drinking proper men's drinks like Rum, Stella, Spesh, Pernod and Advocat.

    You are dead to me Jonno.
  15. This is probably why he keeps such a large stock of it, 2dd, to feed it to the ladies while he opens himself a can of Special Brew ..........
  16. Hmmm now that you put it that way Sol......but wait.......he said he was drinking it himself!

    Here this is better:

  17. Fuck off, I've got a gun and am prepared to use it :D
  18. Oh hush. Your poxy unit nearly bought a French vineyard to supply it with white wine, you fairy. Now that's gay!

    I favour Bosnian Rakija, distilled in Russian tractor engines, and guaranteed to turn you blind. Meths takes away the nasty after taste.
  19. Really?

    I thought that it was just a matchstick in your pocket!

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