A rare one - Kawasaki Disease

I can't help you I'm afraid, but I did think this was a wind up until I Googled it. Who'd a thunk it!

Hope all goes well, there are a couple of Docs here and good old Ninja (he doesn't like being called Nina anymore!) who will be able to offer some advice.


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Must admit, it certainly is a rare one, but if Google is correct, something also called acute febrile mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome, does sound a bit iffy, even to my non-medically qualified ears.

Without doubt it's one of those conditions that will need full investigation by the medical examiner and referral to a consultant specialist in this field - if indeed it is not an automatic bar, without referral, due to the potential complications arising.

Possibly @nemesis1066 or @angrydoc maybe able to give a more accurate pointer.

Either way, best of luck.
Well I went through my personal child health record and it says I was diagnosed with it and treated with aspirin at the age of 5, I do hope it isn't an automatic bar but yes I do understand how it needs to be fully investigated.
Agree with Ninja ... this will need investigating by a Consultant Cardiologist to rule out any complications that may arise in the future if its not a outright bar from the word go!

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